February 26, 2013

Here (again).

I've arrived at jogja since sunday evening and luckily I met my friends who had the same flight with me at the airport which meant I didnt need to be in taxi alone yes! At the moment I arrived here, I missed my home again. I never thought I could go this far because none of my cousins are staying outside medan except my married cousins. I knew I rarely be grateful of what I had had in the past. I just realised everything I had was tooooooooooo awesome and made me regretted my decision even more. Regret always comes late right? I think someone should invent time machine so we can correct our mistakes or wrong decisions in the past.

February 22, 2013

Book review: The Devil In Black Jeans (AliaZalea)

My longgggggg waiting moment has finally over. I got to read this book before its official release date which was 14 feb 2013. I didnt preorder it but some bookstores have sold it prior to that date. This book was aliaZalea's fifth book and many fans outside there have been excited even before it was released because she was in hiatus last year and didnt release any books.

The story is about the most handsome drummer in Indonesia, Jo Brawijaya, and his little sister's personal assistant, Dara. If you read her previous books, Jo Brawijaya is Revel's band drummer (Revelino Darby in Celebrity Wedding) and Dara is Adri and Nadia's bestfriend (Adriana Amandira in Miss Pesimis and Nadia in Crash Into You). His little sister, Blu Brawijaya, is a new rising star in Revel's company and Jo thinks she needs a personal assistant to help her doing her work. They do an open recruitment and finally chooses Dara after seeing Blu also likes her. Things start to be complicated when romance develops between them. Dara has a fiancee which she thinks is the most perfect for her. Jo tries to get closer to her and he feels she also has the same feeling but she doesnt want to admit. I highly recommend this book because I've read her previous books and it never failed to satisfy me. I had a high expectation towards this book since she has been in hiatus for more than a year while previously she always published 2 books in a year and it did satisfy me once again. Another reason why I love this book *spoiler alert* is because she always gives a happy ending in her story. I really hate story written with a sad ending (well, except for a book I knew). It made me feel just wasting my time reading that book. Five stars for this book!

February 14, 2013


Hello Im homeddddd! I've been here for exactly 10 days and I enjoy every single day of it. There's a slight thought of wanting to go back early to Jogja but the next second the thought directly blows away. Spending Chinese New Year with family is probably my best thing in this early year and Im grateful for it. I gather with my family, meet my besties, go to the tuition where I had most of the 3rd year shs spent at it with my tuition mates, buy 2 new shoes online, and the list goes on blablabla. I found that I was never be grateful for what I had and kept wanting more and more. After I moved to jogja and lived alone, I just realised that being at home and together with family were the best thing a person needed. Now I cherish every single moment of it. Eat most of home-cooked foods, spend my time talking to parents and my siblings, stay at home most of the time, and reread my novels to kill my boredom which appear sometimes. I feel really good to have people around me because I like to talk to others and I feel I've become more into introvert since I moved to jogja. I dont want that to happen (although I need to decrease my favor of talking to others because mom said I talked a lot). Anyway, happy chinese new year and happy valentine's day! xx

my new flatform from @shoecornerid. Super cute!

February 03, 2013

The happy feeling.

It's a day to homeeee! I know the only thing I do more often since Im at jogja is blogging. I used to talk a lot because so many things to be shared with my beloved ones and when I moved here, I know I'd be quieter than how I was. Blogging is one of my ways to express the things I want to said because you know that feeling when you share something to a person directly is far way nicer than using social network. Im super excited for tomorrow because of so many things. First, Im going to meet my family and friends really soon. Second, Chinese New Year is only a week ahead (yes, angpao!). Third, my cousin from HK is coming with his wife and mom! Fourth, dad told me to drive everyday and I'd have mastered it before I go back to jogja (at least the basic skill). Fifth, man you know medan is the heaven of foods! How can I not excited?!! *skip*

Yesterday I was having social programs with the incomings, tara and catherine. They're from Australia (to be spesific: melbourne) and both of them were so kind. We went to Ullen Sentalu, one of the best museums in jogja and of course it's my favorite. Telling us about javanese kingdom history, it's owned by a family (I forgot the name) and built at the mountain so you wont feel hot inside the museum even though it only had few aircons. We also took some silly pics, too bad I dont bring my camera.

left-right: cath-tara-me

February 02, 2013


Hi it's my first post in february and indeed officially the first day of holiday YEAYYYYY The happiness cant be explain of course, you know how miserable I am this week because everybody has had their holiday and even my seniors have been in holiday for a week. After finished having exam yesterday, I directly went to watch Chinese Zodiac 12 alone and enjoyed my me time so much. Then I had a dinner with my groups and our teaching assistant, which ended up with 5 of us going to karaoke and it had been a galau night hahaha! The holiday has never been this nice, and Im ready to back to medan !!

Left-right: rani, rachel, nadia, me
Clockwise: zaki, kak rezqa, me, winardi, suri