January 11, 2013


Yes im definitely being so random today. Actually not only today, but this week and these few days I've been reallyyyyy happy. A private reason.

Next week there'll be tentamen. How come times flies so fast! I still remember back then when we just started the third block and now it's week 5 already?!! It's means 2 weeks left and Im going home again uye uye Im having quite a good time here after staying for 5 months although I still cant decide what things can really make me happy now. I think Im not that extrovert like I used to be. I dont even know most of my friends who are in the same major with me. It's embarrasing right? I know. Anyway Im still happy and always being random. I want to do lots of things this year, one of each is having eye lasic surgery. I hate using specs and now Im not allowed to use contact lenses anymore. Can I have it done this year?

PS: I havent meet my crush till now *sigh* and these past weeks is my most random week. Just take this as an unimportant writing.