January 01, 2013

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Good morninggg! It's not yet 9am but I feel like wanting to write now. Yesterday was not too bad for me. My plan to cycle to malioboro at night was absolutely ruined by heavy rain since 6pm yet I still managed to enjoy my new year's eve alone. I watched movies marathon that aired on tv, promised myself to stay until 12am but Im already half asleep while watching the movies and it's only 9pm. Geez I guess Im too lame huh? I plan to cycle to malioboro again this morning but too bad I woke up at 7 and I feel lazy hahaha. To be honest I hate this holiday because it's too long and Im celebrating it alone which makes me feel more pathetic. Holiday is nice when you get lots of things to do and celebrate it with your beloved one. In the first day of 2013, I hope everything will be better this year and all the best for me and my family.

Note: being alone is not that bad ONLY when you've things to do.

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