January 09, 2013

Not as bad as I thought.

Like what I've written before, today I'd 3x practical sessions which were anatomy-histology-histology. I thought I was going a really bad day today because yesterday I got back from campus at 5pm then relaxing till 6pm and started to study histology but none of it was stuck in my brain and the worst part was I felt asleep when I still hadnt learnt histology or even understand anatomy. HAH. Yes I know I mostly think negatively. But it wasnt turned out that bad. I enjoyed anatomy today and even 2x histology didnt piss me off! Turns out think something positively will help you having a positive energy and everything will be done in a good way huh? 3 weeks left to my not-so-long holiday and Im super looking forward to it! My to-do list when im at medan: EAT. Meaning: Im going to diet super hard in these 3 weeks. Fighting!

PS: Being so random this week. I think I took the wrong decision.

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