January 22, 2013

Everything is just so abstract.

The title is just so me now. Everything I learnt have become so abstract. Now I always sleep at around 9pm and dont study for pretest or maybe left my work undone. I think Im at my crazy state which I never done something like this before. I hope I can back to the old me really soon because next week is exam week and it feels so effingly worst being at this situation.

My batch CIMSAers project, CIMSYAKALAKA, was done successfully although I wasnt there till the end. I was too tired that I went back first with my seniors a few hours before it was officially ended. It was great and I got so many new experiences. I was in documentation section which was my first time doing this kind of thing and I really enjoyed it. I never join any organisation in my high school life so I was THAT excited when they announced we would have a superrr big project and now I handle a new project from my division, SCOPE. It will be held around april and I was the project officer. Prior to this, I still have another project but from different organisation. They did an oprec and I just joined because I wanted to know more people and had new experience, yes no? Im going to be more active and cleverer!

*excuse my super messy face and hair*

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