January 19, 2013


Hello! This is my first post at almost midnight. Actually I've to sleep earlier because tomorrow we will have a continuous event but Im still doing my work which was supposed to finish tonight. Today we went to Desa Sri Martani, an official village taken care by faculty of medicine Gadjah Mada University. We did socialisation about hygienity to primary students and contests like British Got Talent which is 'Cimsa Got Talent'. Im in documentation section. We were really free during the preparation but when the event had started, we were busy as hell. At first I was still energetic but as the time went by, my stamina started to drop and I became tired and tired and tired. Contrast to the fact, it was a lot of fun! I never join this kind of event before so I was really excited when the day has finally come. We only did half day for today but tomorrow we will have a 12-hour-event. I cant imagine how tired I will be tomorrow. Should sleep now to save full energy for Cimsyakalaka day 2. It's 2 minutes 0000 GST. Good night!

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