January 14, 2013

2 weeks away from 2013.

It's exactly 14 days from the beginning of 2013! I still remember how miserable I am to pass New Year's Eve alone at my boarding house because of the sudden heavy rain. But look at me now, tentamen is just a few days ahead and these few days I've become a zombie. Yes, I slept at 1am last saturday which was such an achievement for me since I always sleep at 10pm. Never pass 11pm. Something happened at that night and it made me feel really bad. Now Im alright and the things that really messed me up last week has been settled. I know myself the best and Im sure that's the right choice. On friday I'll be having tentamen then a week ahead will be lots of exams and the last is CBT and homeeeee! Who doesnt excited to be at home?!! Anddd Im going to celebrate chinese new year in medan! This is just the best part of my holiday beside gathering with my family uye uye Im trying to do my best for my exams, getting good grades, absorbing everything I've learnt. Ciao!

PS: I have a hidden new year's resolution and God please make it comes true.

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