January 27, 2013

A week to gooo.

Other faculties have had their holiday for almost a week now and Im still here at jogja, preparing to face exams this week. My seniors, batch 2010 and 2011, have got their holidays this week because their block started a week before ours. My boarding house was so quiet because almost all people staying here have gone back to their hoemtown since last week. This made me even lazier to study because everybody has had their holiday! When Im having my holiday, people will come back here preparing their new semester. It's a big difference huh? This week will be my hectic week but Im still here typing and waiting for the time to get lunch. My friends have been freak out about the exams and why am I still this relax? Perhaps Im just way to enjoy. Pfft.

January 22, 2013

Everything is just so abstract.

The title is just so me now. Everything I learnt have become so abstract. Now I always sleep at around 9pm and dont study for pretest or maybe left my work undone. I think Im at my crazy state which I never done something like this before. I hope I can back to the old me really soon because next week is exam week and it feels so effingly worst being at this situation.

My batch CIMSAers project, CIMSYAKALAKA, was done successfully although I wasnt there till the end. I was too tired that I went back first with my seniors a few hours before it was officially ended. It was great and I got so many new experiences. I was in documentation section which was my first time doing this kind of thing and I really enjoyed it. I never join any organisation in my high school life so I was THAT excited when they announced we would have a superrr big project and now I handle a new project from my division, SCOPE. It will be held around april and I was the project officer. Prior to this, I still have another project but from different organisation. They did an oprec and I just joined because I wanted to know more people and had new experience, yes no? Im going to be more active and cleverer!

*excuse my super messy face and hair*

January 19, 2013


Hello! This is my first post at almost midnight. Actually I've to sleep earlier because tomorrow we will have a continuous event but Im still doing my work which was supposed to finish tonight. Today we went to Desa Sri Martani, an official village taken care by faculty of medicine Gadjah Mada University. We did socialisation about hygienity to primary students and contests like British Got Talent which is 'Cimsa Got Talent'. Im in documentation section. We were really free during the preparation but when the event had started, we were busy as hell. At first I was still energetic but as the time went by, my stamina started to drop and I became tired and tired and tired. Contrast to the fact, it was a lot of fun! I never join this kind of event before so I was really excited when the day has finally come. We only did half day for today but tomorrow we will have a 12-hour-event. I cant imagine how tired I will be tomorrow. Should sleep now to save full energy for Cimsyakalaka day 2. It's 2 minutes 0000 GST. Good night!

January 15, 2013

A very common topic in the society.

I feel like writing lots of things these few days. Suddenly I think of this topic: bullying. Yes, this is very common situation in the society. Some are being bullied in directly but most people bully others straight to the point. I somehow feel a bit of it although it's not bullying (I guess).

An example: a friend of you has a friend who is actually not that fat but she's not skinny. Then your friend likes to joke about it, saying she's fat indirectly. She's smiling or laughing but deep inside she always feel under pressure because of those words. She isnt confident when being around with girls who are thinner that her. Actually this is not really important, some of you may only take that as a joke but for a girl/woman, telling she's fat or ugly is just a sensitive matter. Till now, I never said directly if someone is fat or what, because everybody has their minus point. If you feel you want to comment about something, dont say it to the person if it's not important. You may judge a book by its cover, but the cover has many parts: color, illustration, picture, keyword, etc so see things from different side.

“When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.” - Chris Colfer

PS: Im being melancholic not random anymore.

I miss my long hair.

January 14, 2013

2 weeks away from 2013.

It's exactly 14 days from the beginning of 2013! I still remember how miserable I am to pass New Year's Eve alone at my boarding house because of the sudden heavy rain. But look at me now, tentamen is just a few days ahead and these few days I've become a zombie. Yes, I slept at 1am last saturday which was such an achievement for me since I always sleep at 10pm. Never pass 11pm. Something happened at that night and it made me feel really bad. Now Im alright and the things that really messed me up last week has been settled. I know myself the best and Im sure that's the right choice. On friday I'll be having tentamen then a week ahead will be lots of exams and the last is CBT and homeeeee! Who doesnt excited to be at home?!! Anddd Im going to celebrate chinese new year in medan! This is just the best part of my holiday beside gathering with my family uye uye Im trying to do my best for my exams, getting good grades, absorbing everything I've learnt. Ciao!

PS: I have a hidden new year's resolution and God please make it comes true.

January 11, 2013


Yes im definitely being so random today. Actually not only today, but this week and these few days I've been reallyyyyy happy. A private reason.

Next week there'll be tentamen. How come times flies so fast! I still remember back then when we just started the third block and now it's week 5 already?!! It's means 2 weeks left and Im going home again uye uye Im having quite a good time here after staying for 5 months although I still cant decide what things can really make me happy now. I think Im not that extrovert like I used to be. I dont even know most of my friends who are in the same major with me. It's embarrasing right? I know. Anyway Im still happy and always being random. I want to do lots of things this year, one of each is having eye lasic surgery. I hate using specs and now Im not allowed to use contact lenses anymore. Can I have it done this year?

PS: I havent meet my crush till now *sigh* and these past weeks is my most random week. Just take this as an unimportant writing.

January 09, 2013

Not as bad as I thought.

Like what I've written before, today I'd 3x practical sessions which were anatomy-histology-histology. I thought I was going a really bad day today because yesterday I got back from campus at 5pm then relaxing till 6pm and started to study histology but none of it was stuck in my brain and the worst part was I felt asleep when I still hadnt learnt histology or even understand anatomy. HAH. Yes I know I mostly think negatively. But it wasnt turned out that bad. I enjoyed anatomy today and even 2x histology didnt piss me off! Turns out think something positively will help you having a positive energy and everything will be done in a good way huh? 3 weeks left to my not-so-long holiday and Im super looking forward to it! My to-do list when im at medan: EAT. Meaning: Im going to diet super hard in these 3 weeks. Fighting!

PS: Being so random this week. I think I took the wrong decision.

January 07, 2013

It's absolutely not my day.

I dont understand what the teaching assistant explained to us, the task for anatomy inhal was out, vitamin C biochem was rescheduled to friday 3pm which means I have to rush from anatomy lab to radioputero 6th floor, and now my friend suddenly bbmed me to tell that histology inhal session schedule has out. It will be held this wednesday 3pm. At the same day I'll have anatomy at 10am, histology at 1pm, and histology (again) at 3pm. I feel like want to be amoeba at the moment, having 3 twins so I dont need to have much burden. I still have biochems report, tutorial task, and anatomy inhal homework. Can I just skip to february? Can I just skip to 2017? ㅠㅠ

January 01, 2013

Page 1 of 365.

Good morninggg! It's not yet 9am but I feel like wanting to write now. Yesterday was not too bad for me. My plan to cycle to malioboro at night was absolutely ruined by heavy rain since 6pm yet I still managed to enjoy my new year's eve alone. I watched movies marathon that aired on tv, promised myself to stay until 12am but Im already half asleep while watching the movies and it's only 9pm. Geez I guess Im too lame huh? I plan to cycle to malioboro again this morning but too bad I woke up at 7 and I feel lazy hahaha. To be honest I hate this holiday because it's too long and Im celebrating it alone which makes me feel more pathetic. Holiday is nice when you get lots of things to do and celebrate it with your beloved one. In the first day of 2013, I hope everything will be better this year and all the best for me and my family.

Note: being alone is not that bad ONLY when you've things to do.

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