December 31, 2013

Conclusion and resolution.

Finally it's the last day of 2013. Many great things have happened in this year. I still remembered clearly that last year almost everybody was worried about the doomsday rumor which they said would happen on 21 December 2012. I was one of those people who were worried too, since I havent done much accomplishment. Turned out nothing happened and all of us continue our lives. This is one of the things Im always grateful for. In just a few hours, 2013 will end and soon we face 2014. My year-end conclusion actually has been done in my previous post so this post will actually list my new year resolution about what I want to do in 2014:
- This blog is still active because the only way I can pour down and write everything I want
- My family and me have a healthy and good life
- I can keep the pace well in my academic
- Take a good care of my eyes (still)
- Keeping the healthy lifestyle I've done.
- Getting skinnier (always)
- Have a good social life
- Be a child that my parents are always proud of
- Keep in touch with my high school classmates (they're the best!) and my other bestfriends
- Do a great job of being a buddy for exchange students
- Can do an exchange
- Start doing my final academic project (a.k.a skripsi)
- Can go for holiday!
I think that's all conclude what exactly I want to do next year (well actually it starts tomorrow). I hope by the end of next year, I'll be satisfied enough to have achieve my 2014 resolution. Last, although this blog is not THAT popular (I know), Im still grateful for whoever that has read my blog. Thank you so much and early Happy New Year 2014! ^^

December 29, 2013

Yes? No?

Officially 2 days more to 2014. Never though that time would fly so fast. I think this is just the same thing I said last year when 2013 was approaching if I read my blog post again. Always be grateful for everything that has happened in my life, I still have some regret, to be honest. But I try not to regret too much and turn everything into a positive energy, to me and my surrounding. I got a lot of new experience this year: being a project officer for SCOPE ALOHA 2013, coordinator PDD for Musyawarah Anggota 2 2013 Kamadhis UGM, and the last one was of course being selected as a buddy for UGM Buddy Club. Maybe it's not really a big achievement if it's compared to what others had done, but Im pretty satisfied of myself because I consider I was active this year besides only doing my academic things. Being a buddy is the one I dont predict because I applied when it's almost the deadline since I just knew it THAT time. After the document selection, they did an interview where I thought I was trying my best but after it was finished, I kept thinking "Why did you answer it like this? Why not that? Why dont you tell more?". Honestly I really want to be selected but we should always prepare for the worst right? So that's why Im super happy when it's announced that I was one of the buddy that being selected for February-May period. That's only a bit story of it. These few days Im in the mood of writing, where actually I've to study since exam is coming this Friday. People say it was hard, but we should always believe in ourselves and be positive thinking, yes no? Fighting!

December 27, 2013

Joyeux Noël!

Merry Christmas peeps! Christmas has passed for a few days but this time I didnt feel the hype. Mostly because next week exam is coming and I consider this week is my hectic week. We got 2 days holiday which was good as I spend my time quite productively. In my opinion, Christmas has always been identic with christmas tree, mistletoe, winter, gifts, and Home Alone movie series! One of Indonesia's TV station always air it every year during christmas but too bad they didnt air it this year. Dont ask me how many times I've watched the movie as it was my all-time Christmas movie! I think Macaulay Culkin is just perfect in Home Alone 1 and 2 and the boy in Home Alone 3 is not bad as well and the story has always been good. Actually there's a lot of great movies air during this holiday and I want to watch all of them but yeah, you know. I like Barbie series (dont laugh okay), Airbud (my another all-time movies), Doraemon, and blablabla. This time there's also Transformers and Iron Man but too bad I miss it. A few days to 2014 and my first resolution for the new year is of course a good exam mark ^^ Let's countdown!

December 24, 2013

Drama review: 最美的时光 (Best Time)

This is probably one of the worst dramas I've ever watched. Not that the leads aren't good at portraying their characters, the storyline and the ending are absolutely absurd. I have a high expectation towards this drama since it starred Jannine Chang and Wallace Chung but it just nonsense. The story tells about a woman named Su Man (Janine Chang) who had a 10-year-crush to Alex/Song Yi (Jia Nai Liang) and at first she met Lu Li Cheng (Wallace Chung) with a very bad first impression. When she knew Alex has come back from US, she searched everything about his details and even moved to his company although she's had a steady carreer in her workplace. Coincidentally Lu Li Cheng is her superior and Alex is his rival. It continues as Su Man tries to get closer to Alex but he doesnt even remember who she is. Li Cheng also gets closer to Su Man but she doesnt care about him since her focus is always Alex. In the middle of the story, she and Alex dated but something then came up which broke their relationship. The ending is the most annoying one to me and Im not surprise because since ep 10++ I think the story has lost its main plot. At first I thought it's just okay she wanted to pursue her love but then as it flows, it starts to be annoying and Su Man looks like an obsessive girl. When she starts to date Alex, I get confuse even more because I think the main actor is Lu Li Cheng since in the poster it's Su Man and Lu Li Cheng not Su Man and Alex. This absurdity hasn't ended. Hoping they'll break up in the middle because this is just the sidestory, they are still in an unclear state where I cant guess whether they has broken up. The worst part is that even until the very last episode I still cant guess who she'll end up with. This is why I decided Best Time is in my most worst drama lists. Actually Im disappointed since I prefer an obvious plot where you know this will end up with who or how the ending will be or maybe even if we cant guess the ending, it's clear enough for me to understand and be satisfied. It'll be far way better if they let us know it's a happy ending or sad ending. Enough said.
PS: you can watch it HERE they uploaded the complete episodes but there's only mandarin subtitles or maybe you can watch it in

Written by TongHua the same author with Startling By Each Step, this is her first novel happened in modern time.The stories of four young people are interweaved with their best-kept secrets. Su Mann, a white collar, backbone, elite but ‘leftover’, screwed up every arranged blind date until she met her prince charming--Song Yi--since her high school days. To pursue her love, Su Mann followed Song Yi to join the MG Company with a fake resume fabricated by her best girlfriend. (viki)

dont you think they suit each other well?

this is the one I hate the most.

December 22, 2013

Start counting down, huh?

This also means final exam is coming soon because it comes right 2 days after New Year. Pathetic isnt it? But Im okay with it since holiday comes faster and I can go back soon! Today there's also another great news which I have wait for a few days and it really made my day. These days I also have been watching a chinese drama called Best Time starring Janine Chang and Wallace Chung. At first I was excited because of the casts, but as Im watching each episode it's just getting annoying and I dont even get whether which actor is the main lead since they dont make it obvious. I hate this kind of thing. Now Im watching the last episode and even they still dont give any clue about how the ending will be. That means this week I've been watching 2 dramas with a not satisfying ending. Hah!

December 15, 2013

The last 2 weeks of the year.

Yes it definitely is. I've been lazying around these 3 days, not even doing a bit of my reports which have to be submitted this Thursday. This also means in 3 weeks more I'll be going back home! Actually Im pretty happy today since BWF Superseries Finals has just ended and Ahsan/Hendra came out as the champion in the MD sector. Cant be any happier again :") Being paired for less than a year, they had won Maybank Malaysia Open, Djarum Indonesia Super Series Premier, Li-Ning Singapore Open, Yonex Japan open, BWF World Championship, and now BWF SuperSeries Finals. Im no doubt with Hendra's skills since he's an Olympic gold medalist and had won lots of tournaments with Markis Kido before, but Ahsan is just amazing. He was paired with Bona Septano previously but didnt show any improvement. I mean they had never won any major tournament, not even Superseries. I thought maybe Ahsan has not found his ideal partner but pairing with Hendra now makes his skills actually came out. Im happy that Indonesia still has the most powerful Mens Doubles. Once again congrats Ahsan/Hendra!

their winning expression. Congrats!

December 13, 2013

Inhale exhale.

This week has been a really hectic one. I dont know why but I just feel like everything is put up in this week. Got a practical report to be done, a laboratory exam, and report of an event I joined last week. Im on my way to week 4 which I think passed pretty fast since it felt like we just started the new block yesterday. Im still stuck with hk drama The Hippocratic Crush 2 and my internet connection this week is really sucks. This really pissed me off because my daily life is 50% internet dependent and now it's always on and off unpredictably. Thanks God it's friday and finally Im having my break from this week. No korean dramas I followed now because I think this term has been a really boring one. Not Heirs which was overrated because of the casts, Prime Minister and I pairing Yoona and Lee Bum Soo, or even Pretty Man starring Jang Geun Suk and IU. Not that I missed the news of new drama, I have a drama which attracted my eye since the first time they announced the cast and storyline. You From Another Star starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun is definitely my cup of tea. Their chemistry in The Thieves was just awesome and I've been longing for them to star again as a couple and it finally came true! Besides, nowadays Im more attracted to taiwanese/chinese/hongkong dramas maybe because of their big difference with korean dramas. Not babbling anymore. Ciao!

December 01, 2013

Drama review: The Hippocratic Crush (On Call 36小時)

The first hk drama I watched. I can say that this is the best medical drama with a realistic feeling. Im having a hard time at first understanding the words even though there's sub because I used to watch korean dramas where I mostly understood what they were talking about. But as it flows, I find out it is entertaining and I can learn new language. The Hippocratic Crush was a major favorite drama in 2012 and won almost all awards. It starred Kenneth Ma as Cheung Yat-Kin, a neurosurgery specialist trainee, and Tavia Yeung as Fan Tze-Yu, once a neurosurgery trainee turned into a cardiothoracic surgery trainee. The drama tells about Yat-Kin, a last year trainee, being really strict to his junior housemen as he is really focus for his patients' health. Tze-Yu is a new trainee in this hospital but she's in her third year already. She has known Yat-Kin before since he was her father's student and her father is really proud of him. She hates him because she thinks Yat-Kin is a bootlicker as he is always kind to her father. Turns out he's doing that becauseTze Yu's father who was a famous neurosurgeon had saved Yat-kin's younger brother Yat-Hong from dying even though now he's paralysed and had to used wheelchair for his whole life. This also motivates Yat-Kin to be a neurosurgeon. The junior housemen were having important roles since they had their own stories here. In this drama, they tell about different departments in medicine not only neurosurgery but also cardiothoracic surgery, orthopaedics, anaestesiology, etc. Why I feel this drama is really realistic is because they not only focus on the love story as some other med dramas would do but also portray about the medical aspect in the departments so well that I dont feel like they're just talking nonsense. TVB is airing the second season since the beginning of november but you should watch the first one. After finished watching it, I understand why The Hippocratic Crush won a lot of awards last year.
 PS: You can watch this drama at Wiki synopsis contains spoiler.

November 26, 2013

6 weeks to go, play hard work hard!

Today is the start of the new block which means I can count down 6 weeks to go home! I know Im THAT excited as home and family are always the one I miss the most. Had been warned that this block is surely a hectic and difficult one, I try to change my study habit a bit. I dont think I can change 180 degree directly. This time we cant even celebrate new year since the exam comes the day after new year. I think it's okay because it's going to be paid off with the holiday. But still I cant change my habit of watching drama *cry* Currently watching hongkong dramas "The Hippocratic Crush" telling about the life of medical students and situation in the hospital. This one is the medical drama that hooked me up the most because I feel it's really real. The main leads are doing a great job in portraying the characters and they got high rating as well. Im going to review it as soon as I finish watching. Ciao!

November 23, 2013

Happy or not.

Finally exam has over yesterday and I got 2 days holiday although it's unofficial and actually a weekend. I was disappointed with my score at first because it feels like bungee jumping from my last block's mark but we should be grateful for everything right^^ Had a refreshing day yesterday before starting the new block this monday. I went to watch Hunger Games: Catching Fire yesterday and I found out it was reallyyyyy good even I didnt watch the first movie. I just love Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. Kinda regret that I didnt recognise the character well. I also think that now kdramas arent at the top since I dont find any that catch my eyes. Heirs is overrated yet I dont even interested to watch it maybe because everybody has exposed too much about the casts but not the storyline. Im still waiting for You From Another Star to air because the main leads are Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun. I've loved these two since The Thieves period but too bad their romance was not developed much. Other chinese dramas that's on my list are Pursuit of Happiness (taiwan) and Best Time (china). Maybe this can be reference to anybody^^ have a nice day!

November 18, 2013

Sometimes it's just boring.

Yeah, i do feel that sometimes I feel bored with my routinities. My university life mostly contains study-exam-organisation-friends-eat-sleep-watch movies-exercise. Im an easily bored person and I know it. I want to do something new but it's just being blocked by money and permission. Exam is coming in this friday and after finished, it means I'll be facing my last block for the 3rd semester. Never realised that I've been here for almost 1.5years and I still feel homesick as I did in the first semester. To be honest, my fondness toward this city hasnt grew at all. I like the environment here because it's really a good place to study but not with the food, locals, etc although I find a few people are really good to me. I find too many differences and kinda difficult to adapt. Hope that I graduate soon and go back to my hometown as fast as possible. Thinking of joining an exchange program, I just realise that the chance for med studs are sooooo small because of the lack of opportunity. Mostly exchange program needs students from other faculties and I kinda pissed off. Well, I still believe that I can get a chance and hope it'll come true. Fingercross for this block's final exam and counting 7 weeks to home! xx

November 16, 2013

The same thing over and over again.

As usual, Im still having my post-drama-wrap-up syndrome. Still searching everything about aaron and puff during filming and hoping them to announce that they're dating really soon. On 13 November, many celebs went public with their relationship. One of my OTP, yang mi and hawick lau, announced that they'd registered their marriage in january next year. Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi finally admitted they're dating after they're captured in Liu's apartment. In Just You wrap up party, aaron and puff kissed in front of the crowd after being persuaded by everybody. I cant believe it at first when reading the news since it's just weird for main leads to kiss outside filming! But im happy because they did it which means maybe there's a chance for them to date. Please just date for real! I SHIP BOTH OF YOU <333

November 10, 2013

Drama review: 就是要你愛上我 (Just You)

Finally back for a drama review after soooo long! Im not really into kdrama recently and the one which Im stiil following is Secret although I didnt watch it completely. Im currently favoring taiwanese dramas. At first I watched In Time With You starring Ariel Lin and Chen Bo Lin and I should say that one is really sweet but too bad I didnt have time to review it. This one Just You is the first tdrama I follow during its airing and it's definitely my cup of tea. It stars Aaron Yan and Puff Guo and I just love both of them. The story is like almost typical tdramas but it's the chemistry between them and the casts that makes it so special. It's even favorite and topped the rating chart. The story tells about Chen Liang Liang (Puff Guo) who lives in a house and one day Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) comes saying that he had bought the house and wanted Liang Liang to move out. She insists to live in because she has paid the rent for 6 months and she still has 3 months left. Qi Yi is also happened to be her new boss in the office who is superrrrr perfectionist and he makes a policy that there should be no dating in his working place. Because of this, Liang Liang's bestfriend should break up with her boyfriend and this makes Liang Liang decided that she wanted to make the boss fell in love with her. It flows as how they live together and why Qi Yi makes such policy in his office. When both of them appear on screen, I can scream loudly feeling the chemistry and how romantic they are. There's rumor saying they're dating because they are sooooooooo close. Aaron really has improved a lot and I can say that he has the best acting skill out of all Fahrenheit members. I love everything in this drama because it's just perfect. This drama has just wrapped up last friday and I was pretty sad realising about it. You can watch it on or youtube channel 就是要你愛上我 since they upload the complete episodes. If you like sweet and romantic drama, I really recommend this one and Just You is definitely topped my drama list for this year. <3

Qi Yi (Aaron Yan) is a fastidious young man who is afraid of germs and needs to have everything in his life in his own orderly fashion. After he gives up a successful opportunity in New York, he returns to Taiwan and decides to buy a small marketing design company called GAZE and a historic home that catches his eye. The problem is that the home has a peppy tenant, Cheng Liang Liang (Puff Guo), who refuses to move out. When he arrives at his new company, the new CEO discovers that Liang Liang also works for his company. The happy-go-lucky Liang Liang just wants everything to be stable in her life, but she realizes that may be harder to maintain when her new boss starts making big changes in her workplace, including a notice stating that office romances will be prohibited. (viki)

There's 3 OSTs that I recommended from this drama:
1. Alien Huang & Genie Zhuo - 心愛的
2. Aaron Yan - 擋不住的太陽
3. Alien Huang - Point One Percent

this one outside filming
their chemistry omgomgomg

November 04, 2013


These days I dont feel like writing about anything and I even forgot to write a drama recap which was supposed to be posted last month. September and October have been really nice to me. I met my badminton idols in September although some of them didnt join the tournament and had a short holiday with family in October. I also went to watch Jay Chou's concert at the same month and did a small reunion with my classmates. The second year of my university is okay so far and I start to enjoy what Im learning now. Homesick is still my very first problem although it's not as worse as it was in my first year. Without I realised it's already been November and Im going back in 2 months. Last saturday, an incoming from Switzerland has come and we talked a lot. I really like it when there are people from other countries come because we can talk and ask about their countries' differences with Indonesia's. I always excited about it and thought it was weird. I've been quite random lately and I just doing things randomly. Life's been sooo good ^^

October 14, 2013

Beyond my expectation.

Hi! I really had a good holiday this time. I spent these few days in jakarta: met up with old friends and watched Jay Chou World Tour. It's beyond my expectation! Jay probably is my most favorite Chinese singer and he really did give us an amazing performance. I watched it with my cousins and friends and thought it really worth to pay that amount of price although mine was a lot cheaper than my cousins' one. He used lots of effect like what the Opus album concept was. I screamed like crazy though I didnt know what title of the song he was singing. it was just superb that I wish I can back to the time before the concert start! *hallucinate* I also met up with my pals whom I've never met since I entered the uni because we always had different time of holiday. We had a lot of funny stories on that day: we drove to the same place for a few times and went to a place which was supposed to arrive in 15minutes but we arrived in 2 hours. I still can laugh out loud if I remembered that day because of our silliness. Of course we had a super great day: teased at each other with sarcasm and laughed crazily like nobody cares. I really had a good time~^^

October 11, 2013

Short holiday is always nice!

Just now my first block of the 2nd is officially case closed. Block exam is always hard, and I particularly hated the feeling right before I was going to have the exam. But luckily everything has passed and Im in a short holiday yeayyyy! I've finished watching Master Sun and thought of recapping it soon and this was one of my favorite drama this year. Im not following Good Doctor anymore since ep 11 because I felt it's just plain and the romance even doesnt work. They are too focus with those medical terms so the portion of the genre is not equal anymore. Currently Im watching dorama Kaseifu no Mita, the Japanese version of Suspicious Housekeeper because korean is adapting it now. I should say the Korean version was just soso compared to the Japanese one. As for now I might follow Medical Top Team and Secret. Heirs is too overrated with the super duper popular casts but maybe I'll watch it later. Happy short holiday readers!

September 29, 2013

Final day = almost collapse day.

Finally everything has over today. It's the final of INA GPG 2013 and I've had lots of new experience in these 4 days. I screamed almost everytime my favorite made a score, ran into athletes whenever I saw them, and spoke in all languages I knew in order to talk to them. I still felt I was okay yesterday but after the final has finished, I felt like Im going to collapse. Maybe because I was doing my favorite things these few days that I didnt feel I was tired overall. The final was great but I should say that I love the R3 and QF the most. I met lots of athletes during QF and took photos with them. The matches in QF were more interesting too perhaps because their rival was from other countries hence I can get the feeling more. Only a few athletes came today since lots of them have lost in previous matches but China still came in full squad to support their teammates. Indonesian shuttlers were quite hard to request to take photos with them especially the super duper popular one. *no offense* For today, most people were trying to take photos with Chinese shuttlers because they're handsome/pretty and their skin were so white. I was a bit pissed off if I remembered what the audience had done to them yesterday. I managed to take photo with the popular Chinese male shuttlers in the audience! He has been the target of most women haha I love all the Chinese shuttlers: they're so kind and friendly. Congrats for all the winners today!

Jia Yi Fan (her defense and Huang Dong Ping's were just awesome!)

Li Jun Hui kyakyaaaaaa !!

September 28, 2013

Another dreams come true.

Yesterday is just another superb day! I watched live again at GOR Amongrogo for the quarter final and too bad Ahsan/Hendra lose. The audience was pretty shock maybe because of their high expectation and they kept quiet for quite a while. I myself thought it was normal since they were undefeatable for the past few tournaments. People should sometimes fall down to feel the pain so they wont be selfish right? The matches were good and we managed to take a lot of photos with the athletes! Tontowi, Gideon, Angga, Rian, Chinese and Thai players, etc. I was surprised that Gideon was really kind. I thought he remembered us since last two days we were the one to take photos with him yet we still wanted it again yesterday. He must have thought that I and my friend were two crazy fans haha! SInce today is the semifinal, fighting to all Indonesian players and my favorite Chinese player Huang Dong Ping!
 PS: Just ignore my same pose in all photos.

Huang Dong Ping

Gideon !!!


September 26, 2013

Super satisfied!

Im super extra happy today! I went to watch INA GPG 2013 today, while at first I've decided to watch it tomorrow but then I saw today's draw and the night one is pretty entertaining. I and few Kamadhisers met there and we commented about the match as well. I and my junior, particularly, kept shouting here and there for no aim just to support our favorites. She knew almost everything about the athletes and Im happy to find someone who shared the same interest with me. We went to the gate to wait for the athletes to enter their buses and pretty lucky to meet Gideon while we're on our way to buy drinks! Quickly beg him to take a photo with us and after that we met quite a lot athletes but too bad the popular ones are difficult to have pictured with them together. Anyway, I still find today is one of my most favorite day as my dream to meet Liliyana Natsir in person came true! She stood in less than 1m in front of me !! *freak out* Although I failed to take a photo together with her, it was amazing by just remembering that she stood in front of me!

September 25, 2013

Missed the free ticket!

INA GPG is being held in Yogyakarta starting from 24-29 September 2013. Fyi, this is a badminton international tournament but in a lower level than INA PSS. I have set my schedule to be free in this weekend because I want to watch the semifinal and final but the ticket price is just wooooow for a student like me. In this case, I missed the free ticket that was given yesterday on the spot. I've read about the announcement before but I thought we must join a quiz or some kind like that. Turned out we only have to followed a account (sensored here) and tadaaa you will got a free ticket. Pretty disappointed yesterday because I knew about that in the evening and I was lazy to go out at night. Im still confuse whether I should watch the quarter final since I may meet Liliyana Natsir that time. Fingercrossed I will be there on the semifinal and final! xx

September 17, 2013


Tomorrow is indeed a good day with almost perfect schedule! I only got a skills lab and it's at 1pm. Finally after 3 hectic weeks full of labs, exams, and lectures I got a day where I can still lazying around. Next week is INA GPG 2013 in Jogja! I cant be patient anymore to wait for next week as I plan to watch the semifinal and final^^ Too bad China didnt send any of their top players neither do Korea. Pretty disappointed at first but because Indonesia's top players will be coming why should I think about it? My main focus is to get Liliyana Natsir's signature and take a photo with her. Wish me luck!

September 09, 2013

Start struggling.

It's been a week for the new block and this morning I attended my first lecture after absenting for last week lecture due to the event. Im pretty excited for the topic since this block we're learning about embriology and pregnancy. It's just amazing to learn about the whole process but I still find myself struggling to enjoy the 2nd year. It seems like so different from last year where I had my leisure time quite a lot. On the first day of study I had got practical sessions and it continued for eveyday till now. We will also face tentamen this friday. Im in the process of "let it flow" and bless me for everything in this 2nd year! xx

September 05, 2013

Morfogenesis 2013: KLISE.

FINALLY! That's the best word to portray everything I had done for these weeks. This week has been one of the toughest because we have new student orientation in the middle of our hectic practical sessions and lectures. It might be a mistake because other faculties are still having holiday and has no problem with it. When I knew we would start our 2nd year and at the same time doing this event, I know it will be super hectic. Our medical student orientation was called "MORFOGENESIS" and I was in the publication, decoration, and documentation (PDD) team. I decided to apply to be a commitee of this event because it was the biggest event of the year in the medical faculty and I just wanted to have a new experience since there were also many of my batch's friends applied. We have passed the tough weeks where we had simulation and etc for a whole day and my energy was all absorbed. The orientation itself was held for 2 days, yesterday and today. I have to be there on 4.50 and the worst part is in these 2 days, I got A LOT of practical sessions which drove me crazy as we got home at 8PM. But Im so lucky to have a good team leader as he never gave us pressure and we knew what we had to do. I should say sometimes I regret joining this event because of its tiredness but at the same time it was fun and I got a lot of things to learn. You should sometimes join this kind of big event, dont you? :D