December 07, 2012

Week 6 block 1.2 has ended.

Today marked as the last day of this week and next week is the exam week. Im not prepared yet but exam is coming in a few days !! Many materials to be memorized and I dont think 24 hours a day is enough because 8 hours have been cut as my sleeping time -____- To refresh my brain from a while, I watched a heart transplant video on youtube just now. I know this is so random but a cardiolog has inspired me in one of his lecture, yes? no? I never thought our heart can survive if it was taken away from our body but it really can! This video amazed me on how the cardiolog cut each part of the heart carefully before taking it out and transplant it to another person. Is this sound like a freak? While watching this, I keep thinking 'how many years should I spend to be like him?' 'how many books have he read?' 'damnnnnn he is COOL' If you can resist seeing blood, you should watch this video! Just search for the keyword 'first heart transplant kerala'. Happy watching!

nb: Dont take me as a freak.

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