December 06, 2012

Time is flying fast!

It's already December! So I've been staying at Jogja for more than .. 3 months? I still remembered the time when I was just got back from my vacation and the next day I directly flied here. Tomorrow I'll be having my very first physiology exam and next week there will be biochems, microbio, histo, and block exam. This will mark as the end of block 1.2 and it means it's just 2 months left for my not-so-long semester break !! Really excited whenever there's holiday even for only a day lol We dont get much homework now which makes me pretty happy but whenever there's lab session, it means exam. You need to study for all practical sessions since they hold pretest and some are holding posttest too. Last friday was tentamen and the result has been announced this wednesday. Thanks God I passed the exam even with a so-so mark. I dont get why my result was just like this. Maybe Im still adapting? I hope im going to adapt to this condition really soon xoxo

Last friday at pizza hut with our anatomy teaching assistant kak alex. Happened to meet another group with their teaching assistant too and we ended up taking picture together! :3

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