December 11, 2012

No idea.

Hola! I've been really active in blogging lately, showed by blogging for 4 consecutive days. Just realised that writing in a blog actually improve your way in thinking and increase your writing ability too. I dont like writing diary but writing in a blog sure makes a difference. Last time I found all my previous posts with photos that were actually deleted and not in my archives.

Tomorrow will be the last day in block 1.2 and next week we will start a new block. I'll be having a CBT exam tomorrow which materials are all what we've learnt in this block. I havent finished my material but suddenly just want to write. In these 2 blocks, I dont think I improve a lot, and yet still struggling in following the materials. I always want to sleep when there's lecture because it's just too boring. I prefer having practical sessions. It's easier to review what you've learnt than to start with what you dont pay attention too. Resolution in this block will be a better studying style, read more books, have more friends, know more people, and get everything what I learn.

note: please pray the best for my CBT. Thanks :D

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