December 10, 2012


Annyeong haseyo! Im in the midst of studying now, but Im really really bored so I blog instead of continuing to study lol This morning we got biochems exam which I supposed to say somehow fail. It's not that difficult but the mistake is in me. I dont memorize it to the state I know it out of my head (?) hahaha. Just forget about it. Tomorrow I will have 2 exams, histology and microbio. The next day I will have my CBT exam and after that block 1.2 has officially ended! What's left in my mind is how I am supposed to study all the 6-week-material in just a week and the exam is only 100 minutes. It's like you have studied the whole week and your life is at stake for the holy 100 minutes. Incredible. Anyway, yesterday we got an additional class (somekind of review) with one of our biochems assistant and at the end we went to have lunch at KFC hahaha! So till now, I have 2 favorite teaching assistants: one at anatomy and one at biochems. Dont you think it's nice to be a teaching assistant? (but im not that clever)

note: im super duper ugly now.

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