December 31, 2012

A day ahead to 2013

It's 31 December 2012. A day ahead to 2013. Nothing's special today. Im alone right now. I hate this fact. I plan to enjoy myself celebrating new year's eve with some sushis and watching films. Quite sure lots of money have been spent in just two days. Im going to make a new resolutions again for this year, not too many so that I can achieve most of them.
- skinnier, healthier, cleverer, kinder, more understanding, more diligent, etc
- not wasting most of my time lying on my bed
- have more friends so I dont feel lonely easily
- take a good care of my eyes
- get a good grades for my university life
- not celebrating my birthday alone
- all the best for my family
I think these are lesser than my last year's resolution. Im so thankful that some of my past resolutions have been achieved yet I'll do my best to get most of them this year. Im having ups and downs right now, feeling alone is just the worst thing I had. I hope the 5 years Im gonna spend here will be good to me and the next next year will be better than this year.

Happy New Year!

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