December 30, 2012

2013 is really closeee.

It's just 2 days more to 2013! Should I be happy or sad? Happy because some of my 2012's resolutions have been achieved and sad because I have achieved them but then I lost it again. I have seen my last year blog post about my 2012 resolutions. Im a bit disappointed I couldnt make it all but I'll try to get all the resolutions I made for this year. If I could say, this could be my worst year end ever. Being far away from home, not able to celebrate new year with my friend, and alone at boarding house. At least I've some friends here to celebrate year end together so it wont be that pathetic. Im missing home thattttt much. I know I've been here for almost a semester but still that feeling cant go away. *sobs* (and I hope I get a new crush this year lol)

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