December 31, 2012

A day ahead to 2013

It's 31 December 2012. A day ahead to 2013. Nothing's special today. Im alone right now. I hate this fact. I plan to enjoy myself celebrating new year's eve with some sushis and watching films. Quite sure lots of money have been spent in just two days. Im going to make a new resolutions again for this year, not too many so that I can achieve most of them.
- skinnier, healthier, cleverer, kinder, more understanding, more diligent, etc
- not wasting most of my time lying on my bed
- have more friends so I dont feel lonely easily
- take a good care of my eyes
- get a good grades for my university life
- not celebrating my birthday alone
- all the best for my family
I think these are lesser than my last year's resolution. Im so thankful that some of my past resolutions have been achieved yet I'll do my best to get most of them this year. Im having ups and downs right now, feeling alone is just the worst thing I had. I hope the 5 years Im gonna spend here will be good to me and the next next year will be better than this year.

Happy New Year!

December 30, 2012

2013 is really closeee.

It's just 2 days more to 2013! Should I be happy or sad? Happy because some of my 2012's resolutions have been achieved and sad because I have achieved them but then I lost it again. I have seen my last year blog post about my 2012 resolutions. Im a bit disappointed I couldnt make it all but I'll try to get all the resolutions I made for this year. If I could say, this could be my worst year end ever. Being far away from home, not able to celebrate new year with my friend, and alone at boarding house. At least I've some friends here to celebrate year end together so it wont be that pathetic. Im missing home thattttt much. I know I've been here for almost a semester but still that feeling cant go away. *sobs* (and I hope I get a new crush this year lol)

December 20, 2012


It's 20.12.2012! Well nothing's special except having tutorial and histology practical session today. Im getting curious about what will happen tomorrow since last year some people have announced it as doomsday while I dont really care. It's just 10 days to 2013 and I should make a new resolution again for the new year. So far week 1 has been so good that I quite enjoy the new block. The schedules are damn pack, we got 5x anatomy and 5x biochems plus parasitology, histology, pharmacology, microbiology, physiology, and skills lab. Just 6 weeks more and Im home againnnnn!

December 17, 2012

Back to daily routines.

I've arrived at Jogja yesterday night. Never thought that holiday will be passed so fast and I've been in medan for 5 days. We started our new block today: about digestive system. I still dont have any portrayal about how this block will be and just let it flow. On last saturday I watched The Hobbit with @chrstineee and @willhalim and I must said it was a big disappointment. I slept at the first 30 minutes and things started to get interesting during the battle but the ending really pissed me off. The worst part are we watched it on saturday + it's 3D = so expensive !! Then I continued having family dinner in a super fast mode because I planned to meet my besties at the same night. After a 2-hour-journey finding where to eat, we stopped at Gelato Bar. We spent almost 2 hours there and I arrived home at 11pm. Okay I miss my hometown now.

December 14, 2012


Yes. Im at home now. Totally excited for everything im going to do in these few days. I've arranged time to meet my friends and of course eat medanese food! This is just the best part of going back home. You got people who care about you, had delicious and healthy food, reminiscing moments with friends, etc. I missed 12-12-2012 moment because of too busy having exam in the morning and packing my things in the afternoon. Yesterday I've met verin, one of my besttttt friends, and we talked for about 6 hours. That's still not enought yet! Im not patient to be at home for longer time at february !!

December 11, 2012

No idea.

Hola! I've been really active in blogging lately, showed by blogging for 4 consecutive days. Just realised that writing in a blog actually improve your way in thinking and increase your writing ability too. I dont like writing diary but writing in a blog sure makes a difference. Last time I found all my previous posts with photos that were actually deleted and not in my archives.

Tomorrow will be the last day in block 1.2 and next week we will start a new block. I'll be having a CBT exam tomorrow which materials are all what we've learnt in this block. I havent finished my material but suddenly just want to write. In these 2 blocks, I dont think I improve a lot, and yet still struggling in following the materials. I always want to sleep when there's lecture because it's just too boring. I prefer having practical sessions. It's easier to review what you've learnt than to start with what you dont pay attention too. Resolution in this block will be a better studying style, read more books, have more friends, know more people, and get everything what I learn.

note: please pray the best for my CBT. Thanks :D

December 10, 2012


Annyeong haseyo! Im in the midst of studying now, but Im really really bored so I blog instead of continuing to study lol This morning we got biochems exam which I supposed to say somehow fail. It's not that difficult but the mistake is in me. I dont memorize it to the state I know it out of my head (?) hahaha. Just forget about it. Tomorrow I will have 2 exams, histology and microbio. The next day I will have my CBT exam and after that block 1.2 has officially ended! What's left in my mind is how I am supposed to study all the 6-week-material in just a week and the exam is only 100 minutes. It's like you have studied the whole week and your life is at stake for the holy 100 minutes. Incredible. Anyway, yesterday we got an additional class (somekind of review) with one of our biochems assistant and at the end we went to have lunch at KFC hahaha! So till now, I have 2 favorite teaching assistants: one at anatomy and one at biochems. Dont you think it's nice to be a teaching assistant? (but im not that clever)

note: im super duper ugly now.

December 07, 2012

Week 6 block 1.2 has ended.

Today marked as the last day of this week and next week is the exam week. Im not prepared yet but exam is coming in a few days !! Many materials to be memorized and I dont think 24 hours a day is enough because 8 hours have been cut as my sleeping time -____- To refresh my brain from a while, I watched a heart transplant video on youtube just now. I know this is so random but a cardiolog has inspired me in one of his lecture, yes? no? I never thought our heart can survive if it was taken away from our body but it really can! This video amazed me on how the cardiolog cut each part of the heart carefully before taking it out and transplant it to another person. Is this sound like a freak? While watching this, I keep thinking 'how many years should I spend to be like him?' 'how many books have he read?' 'damnnnnn he is COOL' If you can resist seeing blood, you should watch this video! Just search for the keyword 'first heart transplant kerala'. Happy watching!

nb: Dont take me as a freak.

December 06, 2012

Time is flying fast!

It's already December! So I've been staying at Jogja for more than .. 3 months? I still remembered the time when I was just got back from my vacation and the next day I directly flied here. Tomorrow I'll be having my very first physiology exam and next week there will be biochems, microbio, histo, and block exam. This will mark as the end of block 1.2 and it means it's just 2 months left for my not-so-long semester break !! Really excited whenever there's holiday even for only a day lol We dont get much homework now which makes me pretty happy but whenever there's lab session, it means exam. You need to study for all practical sessions since they hold pretest and some are holding posttest too. Last friday was tentamen and the result has been announced this wednesday. Thanks God I passed the exam even with a so-so mark. I dont get why my result was just like this. Maybe Im still adapting? I hope im going to adapt to this condition really soon xoxo

Last friday at pizza hut with our anatomy teaching assistant kak alex. Happened to meet another group with their teaching assistant too and we ended up taking picture together! :3