November 18, 2012

Drama review: Nice Guy

I just finished watching this drama a few hours ago. My comment? I love this drama to the bits. Everything was just perfect. This is the first drama starring Song Joong Ki as the main lead and I guess he was trying hard to portray the character perfectly and indeed he succeeded. The woman lead is Moon Chae Won and she's very pretty here. She's not the type who wears thick makeup in order to look pretty. She's so natural that even Joong Ki said she was a goddess. The story tells about Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) who was in his third year of medical school. His lover at that time is Han Jae Hee, his neighbourhood prettiest noona. This guy is willing to do everything for his noona. His noona committed a crime and even he wanted to sacrifice himself and covered up her crime. This guy is too nice or stupid? I dont know. He was in prison and 7 years later, his noona is not there anymore and going without any trace. He turned to be a gigolo and didnt believe in love anymore. One day he saved a woman Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won) who turned out to be Han Jae Hee's stepdaughter now. He then decided to use Eun Gi as his revenge tool to his noona but slowly Eun Gi fell in love with him because of his charm not knowing he only used her. When he started to really care about her, he decided to make her go away from him so that she wouldnt hurt more using his harsh words and revealing his motive. An accident happened later on and Eun Gi had amnesia. The sweetness of this drama will start from this part as a few episodes in the beginning still telling on how Maru wants a revenge. Actually the genre is melodrama but I dont cry except in eps 20. The scriptwriter was known for writing sad ending drama such as A Love To Kill and Will It Snow For Christmas? so people were afraid she'd do the same to this drama since Nice Guy has been so good from the beginning. Nice Guy has been maintaining a very stable rating from the first episode in range of 13-18% and leading first place for those consecutive weeks. I think what makes this drama popular and successful are the main leads and the story itself. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won's chemistry is really good that you'll be absorbed to the drama that much. The story is really getting into the point, having a very fast progression since the first episode and the development of story made us curious even more and more each week. The style is very classic: love, hate, revenge, money. They dont get super high rating but the popularity is awesome. One of my best dramas this year.

세상 어디에도 없는 차칸 남자
'In this world, there's no such thing as nice guy.'

Kang Maru
Seo Eun Gi
The third year medical student
the badass
super sweettttt!

how can they be this cute? *scream*

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