November 30, 2012

2nd tentamen.

Finallyyyyy the 2nd tentamen has over this morning and again I think I made the same mistakes. Saw the wrong question, sudden memory lost of what I've learnt, or wrote things wrongly really pissed me off. I want a good result for my tentamen but why it always turned out like this? T________T Finish tentamen means CBT exam is coming closer and we get physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, histology exams in this block. Give me good result and let all the knowledge get into my brain juseyo

November 25, 2012

Highschool Teachers' Day collection.

Happy teachers' day to every teacher in the world! Too bad it fell on sunday because usually my school always do a celebration and let the students have a break for .. 3 hours? It's absolutely mini heaven lol I miss those times especially my last year of high school teachers' day. I still remembered my class was exactly beside the stage (yes, we always have stage to do performance for the teachers) so we could watch the performances clearly from our class. We gave many cakes to most of our teachers and went around the building to find the teachers. This time, our class decided to wear red ribbons and had balloons all over the class. I totally enjoyed this moment, probably my best teachers' day memory among all we've done. The show was started late and I didnt know if they actually made it long but it hadnt finished yet even after lunch break. After giving the cake to our form teacher (because he's the hardest one to find), we watched a korean horror movie 'White'. I've no idea who brought this dvd geez! We watched it using class' projector and my friend even brought a speaker. Im sure he's well-prepared before this ._. First I didnt want to watch it because I was afraid of these kind of things but then I joined since this will be the last time we enjoy this kind of moment. At the end, it's like 'AAAAAA' 'NOOO WHAT THE HELL IS THAT' 'ERGHHHHH'

XII-IA-03 Teachers' Day: H.O.T 66th Teachers Day
XI-IA-03 Teachers' Day: XI-IA-03 Teachers Day
X-03 Teachers' Day: X-03's Teachers Day

XII-IA-03 Teachers' Day

XI-IA-03 Teachers' Day

X-03 Teachers' Day

November 18, 2012

Drama review: Nice Guy

I just finished watching this drama a few hours ago. My comment? I love this drama to the bits. Everything was just perfect. This is the first drama starring Song Joong Ki as the main lead and I guess he was trying hard to portray the character perfectly and indeed he succeeded. The woman lead is Moon Chae Won and she's very pretty here. She's not the type who wears thick makeup in order to look pretty. She's so natural that even Joong Ki said she was a goddess. The story tells about Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) who was in his third year of medical school. His lover at that time is Han Jae Hee, his neighbourhood prettiest noona. This guy is willing to do everything for his noona. His noona committed a crime and even he wanted to sacrifice himself and covered up her crime. This guy is too nice or stupid? I dont know. He was in prison and 7 years later, his noona is not there anymore and going without any trace. He turned to be a gigolo and didnt believe in love anymore. One day he saved a woman Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won) who turned out to be Han Jae Hee's stepdaughter now. He then decided to use Eun Gi as his revenge tool to his noona but slowly Eun Gi fell in love with him because of his charm not knowing he only used her. When he started to really care about her, he decided to make her go away from him so that she wouldnt hurt more using his harsh words and revealing his motive. An accident happened later on and Eun Gi had amnesia. The sweetness of this drama will start from this part as a few episodes in the beginning still telling on how Maru wants a revenge. Actually the genre is melodrama but I dont cry except in eps 20. The scriptwriter was known for writing sad ending drama such as A Love To Kill and Will It Snow For Christmas? so people were afraid she'd do the same to this drama since Nice Guy has been so good from the beginning. Nice Guy has been maintaining a very stable rating from the first episode in range of 13-18% and leading first place for those consecutive weeks. I think what makes this drama popular and successful are the main leads and the story itself. Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won's chemistry is really good that you'll be absorbed to the drama that much. The story is really getting into the point, having a very fast progression since the first episode and the development of story made us curious even more and more each week. The style is very classic: love, hate, revenge, money. They dont get super high rating but the popularity is awesome. One of my best dramas this year.

세상 어디에도 없는 차칸 남자
'In this world, there's no such thing as nice guy.'

Kang Maru
Seo Eun Gi
The third year medical student
the badass
super sweettttt!

how can they be this cute? *scream*

November 14, 2012

holiday yeay!

Yes tomorrow is the first very very long weekend I have. Actually the holiday is only on thursday but government extended it to friday too haha It's currently raining here, a very heavy one. To be honest I dont like it because im far from my family and it makes me feel unsafe. It's been raining a few times this month and I keep feeling the same. Week 3 is almost over which means tentamen is coming closer. I want a long holiday! I want to go back to my hometown. #random

November 09, 2012

My 2012 dramas.

It's november! Time sure flies really fast huh? Im in the beginning of block 1.2 now and officially a SCOPEople haha! Since it's almost the end of the year, im going to make a small review over the dramas I've watched during this year.2012 should be said as my not productive year for dramas as I was having preparation for my national university entrance exam for 3 months and then a month break continue with vacation and started university life.

1. Nice Guy
This drama is still airing in korea. The first drama I watch buffering online since Im at jogja now. it's a melodrama with typical style: love, revenge, hate, etc. The main actor is Song Joong Ki as Kang Maru and his lover, Seo Eun Gi, is acted by Moon Chae Won. At first Maru was a 3rd year medical student loving Han Jae Hee (Park Shi Yeon) with all his heart. He was willing to do everything for her until something happened and his life totally changed. Since then he decided to become a gigolo and only attracted women for their money. Then he met Seo Eun Gi you know typical perfect girl who was Han Jae Hee's step daughter now. He decided to use her as revenge tool but something happened again later on changed his world totally. It's 4 episodes more to the end. I highly recommend this drama. Not the typical melodrama which you'll find it bored but this one can make you feel like want to punch the antagonist lol It's been the first in rating since the first week it aired.

2. Rooftop Prince
Yoochun is the main lead actor here so I guess you know the primary reason why I watch this drama. At first I objected him pairing with Han Ji Min but after watching the drama, I thought they suited each other although their age gap is 4 years where Yoochun is her junior. It's about Joseon dynasty and modern days so it will be going back and forth. Yoochun was previously a prince in Joseon dynasty named Lee Gak. At a time, his wife was killed and he was shocked. Then he decided to find the murdered accompanied by 3 people whom he searched all around the city. I forgot how the way but when 5 of them are being chased but unknown group of people and passing a forest, they were thrown to the modern city (yes this sounds nonsense). They arrived at Park Ha's home (played by Han Ji Min) and both of them are shocked. The genre of this drama are romance, mystary, and comedy. I suggest you not to find any spoiler of the episode or else it'll be boring. This drama was also ranked first when it aired in June.
My review: Drama review: Rooftop Prince

3. Reply 1997
This drama is too cute! I like this drama because the story is real and may happen in real life. I was pessimistic at first after watching the first episode but I managed to continue watching it lol The main characters are Yoon Yoon Jae (played by Seo In Guk) and Sung Shi Won (A Pink's Eun Ji). It's about 6 bestfriends in high school at Busan. Yoon Jae and Shi Won are bestfriend since childhood. They are always together. Wherever Yoon Jae is, Shi Won will be there and vice versa. Shi Won is a devoted fan of H.O.T, a super famous boyband in 90s. The story will be involving their high school life and loves. I really like the idea where someone's first love is actually his/her childhood friend and then they become lover. Dont you think this is uber cute? This drama is highly recommended !!
My review: Drama review: Reply 1997

4. Queen In Hyun's Man
If you like romantic genre, you should watch this drama. I repeat, ROMANTIC. A super duper romantic one and not even a heavy conflict was there. Thype is also as same as Rooftop Prince, going back and forth between Joseon and modern days. But the difference is this drama mostly involve romantic things. It was a big hit because of the epic storyline and main casts.
My review: Drama review: Queen In Hyun's Man 

5. The Moon That Embrace The Sun
TMTETS can be said as the most popular drama in the first half of 2012. It's a saeguk mixed with shaman things. Since there hasnt had any kdramas taking shaman as their main plot, it's directly a big hit once it aired. Good chemistry between child lead characters made audience having high expectation towards the adult characters. Yeo Jin Goo acted as young Lee Hwon (later on acted by Kim Soo Hyun) and Kim Yoo Jung as Heo Yeon Woo/Wol (continued by Han Ga In) were the main leads. Hwon and Yeon Woo met for the first time during Yeon Woo's brother Heo Yeom graduation. At that time she didnt know that he was a prince. Hwon fell in love at the first sight and did everything to meet Yeon Woo. *skip* *skip* Yeon Woo was selected as princess after passing the exam for choosing prince's wife. Hwon and Yeon Woo were both very happy because they loved each other but later on something happened and changed everything. Because their fate are being changed, everything will be back on the track soooner or later. It's impossible to tell the whole story even the synopsis because too many characters made it difficult to be shortened. I especially love the shaman works where usually saeguk dramas only tell about politics, throne, revenge, etc. At first many people doubted Kim Soo Hyun can acted in a saeguk drama because he previously acted in Dream High which is a high school drama. I also think his image doesnt suit as a king at all. But he really proved it. His acting was excellent and even working with his seniors didnt made his capability decreased and this drama was remarked as his breakthrough in acting. After this drama aired, he got lots of ads and even more popular than before.

6. Ghost
The title is really manipulating. I thought it would be like something horror and realted to ghost but actually it's about cyber crime investigation. So Ji Sub's acting is really epic and I love this drama a lot even without loveline. As you know, Im a fan of romantic drama. Kim Woo Hyun (So Ji Sub) is a high profile police officer working at cyber crime investigation team. Yoo Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee) is working in the same team with Woo Hyun. Their big enemy is someone named himself as Hades, a superb hacker who ever hacked Blue House computer system. Im not going to spoil anything because they have been making surprises since the first episode. I was shocked even when I only watched the first episode. the storyline progressed too fast and you'll be more surprise to find the pieces of puzzle by every episode. Better for you not watching it only episode since this drama is addictive!
My review: Drama review: Ghost 

7. A Gentleman's Dignity
It's dubbed as 'F4 of 40s'. The 4 main characters are almost 40 but still I think they're charming. Most of it will be talking about Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun) and Seo Yi Soo (Kim Ha Neul). This drama remarked as Jang Dong Gun's 10 years silver screen comeback since his last drama was All About Eve (2002). Kim Do Jin is a 40yo architect described as a woman's man: handsome, kind, adorable, charming. Actually to be honest he's weird (in his own way). I dont know how to describe it but you'll know when you watch the drama. He's been dating many times and never thought of getting married until he met Seo Yi Soo. He tried to approach her anytime anywhere sticking to her. She was annoyed at first and their relationship was complicated. Later on she will realise that she loved him but another conflict came. This is a light drama and very enjoyable. Not the type which having lots of conflict like nice guy or TMTETS. Fresh and funny.
My review: Drama review: A Gentleman's Dignity 

If you read all my brief explanations, you'll find that I always say the dramas are good. It's probably because i dont watch all dramas. I only select the one I think is going to be enjoyable and if it's below my expectation, I'll directly stop watching it. Even thought I start to be extremely busy now, Im trying to watch drama sometimes because it can be refreshing and relaxable. But also noted: drama is addictive.

November 02, 2012


I just hope I can do well in all blocks and everything run smoothly. If possible, some IP 4?