October 14, 2012

Makrab Kamadhis 2012.

Hi readers, I've just back from makrab Kamadhis 2012 at Kopeng this afternoon and it's totally fun! Makrab stands for malam keakraban/intimate night (?) where we spend a night together with all seniors and having fun. This is my first time joining this kind of activity because I dont like going out and stay for nights with people whom I didnt close to. But after spending a night together yesterday, I started to think from different perspective. We got to know seniors better now and even our seniors' seniors managed to join as well! We played games and had BBQ too. I felt like going back to medan because the weather at Kopeng is exactly as same as that at Brastagi. I didnt bring any pocket camera making me kind of regret but I took some pictures with my iPad's camera.

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