October 20, 2012


Exam is approoaaaaaaachingg really soon and Im curious how it will be. As you know, im back to my old habits: watching korean dramas! Even though medical students have a very packed schedule, I still try to watch drama and after almost 2 months without any dramas in my life, I got to watch it this week! Should I say it yayness? No because I watch it when exam is approaching and im crazy over it ㅠㅠ Im currently watching Nice Guy starring Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won. It's episode 12 this week and I've watched that hahaha! It still has a month left airing time which made me quite pissed off because im curious about the ending. I will make the review as soon as I finish watching it. Till then, im going to do the best for my exam.

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