October 25, 2012

End of Blok 1.1

Block 1.1 has officially ended by today. This morning I had my last exam for the first block which is presentation continued by a mini interview. I was not sure Im going to make it good since Im terribly bad at doing presentation. Im also not that optimistic because my result in yesterday's CBT exam was bad. But a small conversation with mom and dad are always helpful. They told me to be relax and just tell everything I know as smooth as I can. The method of today's exam is presentation one by one and then the one who had finished must wait inside the room so the last to enter will have 9 students and 1 tutor watching him/her. Im lucky to be the first one which means only the tutor watching me. I thought Im okay with the presentation and I can answer all the questions. I want a good mark for the first block ㅋㅋ Im ready for the second block!

newest selca with chun's forehead

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