October 30, 2012

Book review: Cheeky Romance (Kim Eun Jeong)

Usually I review dramas but I want to try review books sometimes. Well, Im going to review anything I like. This novel is the third book of Kim Eun Jeong, written in Korean but translated to Indonesian. The first book is So I Married The Antifan and followed up by My Boyfriend's Wedding Dress. I always hated translated novel because the feeling is just different when I read Indonesian novels and maybe the setting is different. When I tried to read her first book, it's good although I was confused at the beginning since too many characters were appearing at the same time. Then I also read her second book which made me amused again and now Im one of her avid fans. This book tells about a woman named Yoo Chae who has always been unlucky as a reporter. She never get any scheduled programs although she has worked for 2 years and the worst is her boyfriend, a reporter too, cheats on her with his senior who is a PD (program director). So Yoon Pyo, her lover-to-be, is a devoted obstetrician. He always care every pregnant woman although they are not his patients. Yoo Chae ever went to the hospital where Yoon Pyo works to accompany her bestfriend unnie who is pregnant. One day, she was told to be a MC for a culinary program to suburb where she will try new foods. This program is airing live. At that time, Yoon Pyo is happened to be at the same restaurant where they are shooting. She was given fugu fish (as you know it's dangerous to be eaten if not being cleaned properly) and red beans. Yoon Pyo thought she was pregnant because he ever saw her at the hospital and those foods are dangerous for pregnant woman. He yelled at her not knowing that the program is aired live. Soon Yoo Chae is known as 'Nation's pregnant woman' and Yoon Pyo as 'Nation's doctor'. The story will involve around how they settle their misunderstanding and as usual fall in love with each other. This is a 400+ pages book but you wont get bored of it. I like the storyline a lot. The writer is good at making their loveline not awkward because I often find some books are written weirdly in developing lovelines of the characters. I've read her books long time before her books are famous like now. Both of them are bestsellers in Indonesia's bookstore and Cheeky Romance is indeed very recommended.

'When was the last time we kiss? If anybody asks you about this, say to them it's today.'

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