October 04, 2012

Anatomy for the 1st block has finished.

My anatomy practical sessions for the whole block 1.1 have finished. The last one is anatomy of the lower limb which is concluded an hour ago. Im enjoying every anatomy sessions because I feel it's nice when you learn things directly from the cadaver and also the lecturer's assistants (we called them 'asdos' stands for asisten dosen) are very kind. Next week we'll be facing the last anatomy exam called as 'tentamen'. We'll be asked about the whole anatomy we've learnt in this block. I dont have any idea about how it will be since this is my first time. The next 2 weeks will be the exam week consist of triple jump, histology exam, and MCQs. I hope I can do well in all exams and no remediation. /Buddha bless me/

And after a month in Jogja, it rained for the first time two days ago at 2am. I didnt realise it until I saw most of my friends updating their status about jogja's current weather. Here isnt as hot as at medan but still, when there's no rain after a month you can feel something weird. Luckily it dont rain when Im at campus or outside my boarding house. 

Posting another selca = im bored.

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