September 13, 2012


hi readers im extremely happy today!! No it's not about my university life or whatsoever. Just now Im being interviewed as the admin of a fanbase where Im active in! The best part is that the interviewer wasnt a stan and he said TVXQ is 5 ♥♥♥ Can you imagine how happy I am? Finally after years I hear again somebody publicly say about it. He asked how I can love TVXQ that much, how many followers the fanbase had, what song I like the most, blablabla and he even played the song I like veryyyyy much, 'O' Jung.Ban.Hap. Not that I didnt like Mirotic or other TVXQ songs but this song has a really deep impression to me. This song is the reason why I fell in love with TVXQ since 2007. If at that time one of my friend didnt play this song randomly and I didnt manage to know them, the situationwill be very different now. I was,am, and will always love TVXQ foreverrr. 

*picture is creditted to google

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