September 29, 2012

Week 4 is coming!

Week 3 has finally over and now week 4 of block 1.1 is approaching. In this week 3 and week 4 we got 2 times anatomy practical sessions in a week. Kinda hectic when you also got histology practical session on the same day or skills lab or tutorial LO you need to finish. Im enjoying my life either as a medical student or a newcomer but there's a thing I dont like here. The best thing in week 3 is mom came to visit me on monday!! I was really really happy! Actually mom came because of my eye's condition. In the past two weeks, my right eye's left part has become really red and I've put so many medicines but it didnt become any better. Im freak out and mom was afraid that something might happen as you know anything related to eye can be a serious problem. Luckily after mom came and she asked me to do checkup with a specialist, she said this wasnt a serious problem. After outting some medicines, my eye has become better and less red. I shared a lot stories with mom and we went to eat together. Usually I always eat cheap foods because we need to save money and dont spend it to expensive foods or useless things but these few days I've been eating delicious food lol. Actually I want mom to stay longer but I got anatomy pretest on Monday and I need to study. I know if mom is here, I always want to talk to her and end up not studying anything T^T mom has gone back yesterday and I cried. I've never felt homesick before and this is the first time I feel I want to go home. I miss my family and hometown a lot.

September 13, 2012


hi readers im extremely happy today!! No it's not about my university life or whatsoever. Just now Im being interviewed as the admin of a fanbase where Im active in! The best part is that the interviewer wasnt a stan and he said TVXQ is 5 ♥♥♥ Can you imagine how happy I am? Finally after years I hear again somebody publicly say about it. He asked how I can love TVXQ that much, how many followers the fanbase had, what song I like the most, blablabla and he even played the song I like veryyyyy much, 'O' Jung.Ban.Hap. Not that I didnt like Mirotic or other TVXQ songs but this song has a really deep impression to me. This song is the reason why I fell in love with TVXQ since 2007. If at that time one of my friend didnt play this song randomly and I didnt manage to know them, the situationwill be very different now. I was,am, and will always love TVXQ foreverrr. 

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September 05, 2012

University life hasn't started yet.

Hi! I've finished my faculty orientation 3 days ago and I feel really well now. Those 3 days had been a new experience for me. I never experience something like that before and this is the first time. So many assignments to be finished in a day while we're at campus till 5pm and the next day we should arrived at 6am SHARP. The first day I didnt sleep at all and I felt like a crazy person. We got many committees which were divided according to their own section and the one who responsible for the discipline is called Mayjend abbreviation for Mayor Jendral. They're shouting almost all the time and looking after who are sleeping during talkshows or doing faults. I thought I wouldnt be okay with it because usually I directly cried when someone shouted at me. But this time, I didnt feel anything and just okay with it. In this orientation, we also got divided into groups and luckily my groupmates were all kind and always do things together. Our teamwork was okay. The reason why the first day all of us didnt sleep maybe because of our wrong strategy. At the last day, I rethink about the first and second day and everything seemed funny. If somebody tell me to redo that orientation, I probably wont do it but this is one of the best experience in my life. At the end of the day, all medical students got chances to shake hands with the committees (seniors) and all of them were sooooooo kind. We got a week holiday after the orientation while other faculties have started studying the next day after it. But it's not considered as a full holiday because we have an introduction about campus on wednesday and thursday and medical checkup on friday and saturday. University life is going to start soon and Im going to make it as enjoyable as possible. Fighting!