August 26, 2012


Hi im back (again)! Im currently at my room, just arrived home after a 10-day-vacation to Korea. It feels like I dont want to go home and stay in Korea longer. I really enjoyed this vacation as my tour group is also full of crazy people lol our tour leader is a 25yo girl and she's also a kpop lover. She's so funny and makes our vacation really fun. We got a tour guide and a photographer and lucky for us, both of them are typical korean guys you always watch in drama: clean, tall, white, blablabla. Our tour guide is a Korean but his parents are staying in Indonesia and he took Indonesia literature subject in his university class so he can speak Indonesian well. Our photographer can speak English a little and a big NO to speak Indonesian. Both of them are kind and funny and our tour group often tease them. At first our tour guide is so calm and dont speak to much but after we played roller coster together at Everland (only youngsters in my group), his real attitude came up. He is actually that funny crazy guy who can make people laugh all the time. Our photographer is a fully opposite from him; he's quiet but smile all the time and always around to help us. He's the favorite among mommys in our group. We went to many places and I really like all of them. I took so many useless photos such as: the streets, cute korean couple, cute babies, and almost for everything I saw. It's has become one of my dream to travel to Korea and thanks to my parents for making one of my dreams come true.

which one is the tour guide and which one is the photographer?

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