July 07, 2012

My story.

Today im going to share my activities before the big exam snmptn 2012 which is the national university entrance exam in Indonesia. Maybe my experience can help someone out there. It's true that if you want something, you must put full effort to get it. This is what I did during my last year of high school. When others are enjoying their last high school year, I've started my preparation for the exam although it's still a year away. My mom took me to a tuition which in indonesian is bimbel. I joined this because my dad told me to get into government university or else he wont paid for my study. You know medicine faculty in private university is extremely expensive. In my tuition, there were only 80+ students which is only a few compared to other tuitions. We had 6 hours courses, which is three times in 3 lessons each day total 9 lessons a week. It's a lot because other tuitions only 2 times a week in 3 hours a day. Of course I always think it's not fair. Others are enjoying their life so much while i keep bothering with those books and questions. After I've finished my high school national exam, our tuition started to have intensive which is monday-friday from 8.30am till 2pm and continue at 4.30pm till 8pm. Every saturday they held tryout to know how far we have learnt the things they taught. It lasted for more than 2 months till the day before the big exam. Starting from intensive I stopped my other tuitions because I wanted to focus and get a good result yet everyday I'll stay in my tuition from morning till night. At that time, I didnt feel that tired anymore because we just stayed at tuition and studied, different from what I had before intensive which I had to rush from school to tuition in just 15 minutes without going home and taking bath. To be honest, I also felt that goosebumps befor the result was announced. Previously I always thought holiday passed really fast, but this time it's just only a day after exam yet I felt I've passed a long long long day. But once the result was out and you passed the exam, it would be one of the best moment in your life.You should be grateful even if you only passed your second choice because many people out there maybe wanted your choice or didnt get the chance. Even if you didnt pass the exam, dont be pessimistic or lose faith because there's still lots of other entrance exams. Yes if you think this as bullshit, it is. I know even if im saying this thing, you must be saying 'You dont feel what I feel.' But remember God always have something better than what we plan.

This time, I dedicated this post to Buddha, my parents, and tutors who keep supporting me. Thank you.

Good luck for your SNMPTN next year buddies!

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