July 18, 2012


Hi Im directly blogging from Jogja. Yes im here to finish those preparations needed for my upcoming university classes. I've been here for a week yet I just have the time to blog. Only I and my mom were here. We are here for 10 days and that has included our sightseeing time. During these days, we have gone to Candi Borobudur, Candi Prambanan, and Keraton Yogyakarta. Yesterday I've also met my friends coming from medan and a friend from Jakarta in the same classes and they're ll Chinese. Fyi Chinese is really really really a minority here. But in this time too, I have missed a lot of things happening in medan. I didnt even join my classmates to celebrate makjul and amo's birthday which made me pretty sad. I know that when you dont see someone regularly, your distance can be further and I dont want this to happen. I want even if later on I'll be in Jogja, I still can maintain a good relationship with all my friends. As for now, my university orientation (known as PPSMB here) will start on 30 august while my faculty's ppsmb will be on 31-2 september. Im curious what will happen later on! But they say medical students will have lesssss holidays than others.

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