July 01, 2012

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

today is my parents' 19th wedding anniversary. I, together with my younger brother and sister, prepared to make a surprise as we never made it in the past. Yesterday we almost failed to buy the cake, but luckily with some tricks we managed to buy it. With a few tricks again, we can put the cake into the fridge. Not going to mention what happened during the time we wanted to put the cake into the fridge. We set alarm to wake up at 4.30am today and the night before we slept at 11pm. You can imagine our zombie faces. When we had finished our preparation it is not a smooth way at all, we knocked our parents' room and tada! My mom was really surprised with the cake and candles and she didnt even think about what day is today ._. After we explained a bit just then she remembered and told my dad to wake up. Although we got some problems when preparing our surprise, im glad our first try is a success.

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blueberry cheesecake

my mom's surprise face

happy anniversary mom & dad! We love you :3

special appearance

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