June 25, 2012

Drama review: Queen In Hyun's Man

Finished Rooftop Prince, I directly followed up with Queen In Hyun's Man. First I thought it wasnt good, maybe im still influenced by Rooftop Prince. But after watching few episodes, this drama started to be interesting. The other reason why I watched this drama is because of the main leads, Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na. I've watched most of Ji Hyun Woo's dramas (Invicible Lee Pyung Kang and Birth Of The Rich) and found out he was great although he didnt have that great luck (success in one shot) and this is Yoo In Na's first drama casting her as the main lead. Previously she always starred as second lead either in Secret Garden or Best Love. The story is still using the same pattern as Rooftop Prince: the hero came from 300 years ago (Joseon Dynasty) but in this case he can go back and forth, quite different a bit from Rooftop Prince where Lee Gak and his guards were thrown 300 years forward without knowing the reason. I watched this drama pretty slow, but you wont realised it when you've reached the end! It's just like you're watching it and then the next episode and then change to the next disc and tada! The end. The thing you cant miss in this drama: their sweetness! Even netizens hope them to be real couple and yet Ji Hyun Woo confessed publicly in the last episode fanmeeting that he loved Yoo In Na and now they're officially dating. Okay this is no connection with my review at all, considered it a news flash.

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