May 14, 2012


hello im backkkkkk! After abandoning my blog for almost a month like finally. I've lots of things to do now which is having intensive everyday (yes, EVERYDAY) but I love it! At first I thought it'll be boring or somekind like that, but it turns out to be the opposite. My new classmates are all friendly and they are really funny (re: humorous). Im praying for myself to get into my choice for this exam and im (quite) prepared but still im as lazy as I used to be ._. Because of this intensive, I must stop watching drama for a while. And you know what? I've lost 5kgs in 2 months! Im now 53kg :D okay this is not important hahaha Thankyou for all who are still visiting my blog even after I've left it for a quite long time. 사랑해