April 19, 2012


Yes today is my birthday which is the the last day of our national exam and the very last day to wear uniform. I've decided to go to our school's prom night which I refused to go before. The BBQ has been pushed to a day before which is tomorrow! Spending quality time again with classmates today and just realised that it's been a long time since the last time we went out together. besides Im so happy that my friends even waited until 12am yesterday just to greet me happy birthday wishes while Im already om my dream ._. remembering last year's birthday, I also celebrated it with my friends at Brastagi. We was having a fun trip back then. Last year's birthday was during the 2nd day of the trip and this time is on the last day of national exam. To be honest I have so many wishes this year and lots of things to buy too. I hope that I can enter UI this year, go watching Junsu's concert in jakarta, and have vacation to Korea in august. Praying for all the best this year. Me, my family, and my friends. xoxo

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