March 09, 2012


Hello reader. Im currently having my UAS which will be my very last exam officially from school. After this we will only face National Exam and voila! I aint a highschoolers anymore. But today im not going to share about my school life otherwise i'll share some of my favorite sites in this cyber world. For sure im not a fashion blogger but I love fashion bloggers! Claradevi from Lucedale, Anastasia from Brown Platform, and Michelle from Glisters and Blisters are top 3 my most favorite fashion bloggers. Clara with her vintage style is too cute to be ignored. What I adore most from Michelle are her style and her expression while taking pictures. As for Anastasia, I loveeeee her shoes to bits! She has different style each days, and that makes her so cool. I always have an eye for shoe, and she has lots lots lots of shoes! Besides these bloggers, I also have some online shops I loved. Bonvieux, Juice String, Clyns, and UP .On the next post i'll post some shoes I've been eyeing for and on my favorite list and of course my favorite bloggers photos! <3

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