January 04, 2012

Happy birthday @larrydjono!

hello readers! Today is our class monitor's birthday and we (re: my classmates) plan to give him surprise. Since we're still having holiday, we plan to go to his house this morning at 8pm but ended up failed because all of us gathered almost at 9.30pm. The plan itself was a big success because of the help of larry's younger brother and he himself. he didnt realise when we entered his playing room, even he didnt hear my camera's 'click' because of too steeped with his game. He was indeed surprised when he saw us. Maybe he think it's impossible for us to come to his house to celebrate his birthday. He even haven't brushed his teeth or taken a bath and when he went outside to wash his face, his face got cake oil attack when he just entered the room. Pity him ㅋㅋ. Overall, happy 18th to our class monitor and be good to @chrstineee. Cheers!

Ch held the cake before entering his house. We got through his father's factory door.
not realising we were coming

surprise face (too bad not captured clearly)

the couple

his full-of-cake-butter face and our present

the special present from ch