December 01, 2011

A little thing.

Hello readers! Today is the first day of december. I hope many good things will happen and all plans go well too. Everything for our brastagi has been settled, and this is maybe the last vacation we will have together except if we have a goodbye vacation later on. We will spend the last day of 2011 together and make memories as the last year of high school students. Based on this, 2012 will come soon which means i have new targets for next year. As im going to enter university next year, i hope i can get into my favorite university but with my scores now, im quite pessimistic. I want to enter one of the university in Jakarta because Jakarta is a metropolitan and capital city in Indonesia and it has become my dream for years that i want to move from medan. But considering the risk i must take if i move to Jakarta make me confuse and think twice. Which university should I enter?

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