December 24, 2011

Drama review: Autumn's Concerto

I've just finished watching this drama an hour ago and my opinion: great. This is kinda melodrama, but not that ordinary taiwanese drama. It talks about their love story, their separation, and how they regain their love. The story begins withe Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An) as a bento seller in Sheng De University where Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) is the principal's son. After several conflicts they fall in love, but then Guang Xi find out that he has a brain cancer. His mom let Mu Cheng accompany him doing the medical treatments with the condition she should leave him after he enters the surgery room. Something happens and after the surgery, Guang Xi lost all his memory and forgets Mu Cheng. 6 years later, they meet again in Hua Tian Village where Mu Cheng live with her child, Liang/Ren Xiao Le who is also Guang Xi's son. When Guang Xi is almost married with his current girlfriend, he remember everything but he misunderstand Mu Cheng. I'm not gonna spoil the ending, because this drama is very recommended. The story involves not only the lead actor and actress, but also Guang Xi's parents dark story and Tuo Ye (Mu Cheng's bestfriend) one-sided love to Mu Cheng. Sometimes there are several funny scenes, but most of them are sad one. Autumn's Concerto has broken records with its high ratings by scoring 8.23 as its peak point for episode 18, which aired January 31, 2010. Autumn's Concerto has broken the records of The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog to become the second highest rating Taiwanese idol drama, the highest rating being held by Fated To Love You. I recommend you to watch this drama. In my opinion, this is far way better than Fated To Love You.

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