December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve.

Hello readers! Im currently in Brastagi spending my last hours to 2012 with my friends. We are having a 4-day-3-night trip and we live in Brastagi Highlands Villa. My family also comes and spend their New Year in Brastagi, but we live in different places. 2011 will end in a few hours, and i should make a new resolution for upcoming 2012. I think some of my resolution for 2011 have been achieved and these are my lists: - get skinnier, taller, cleverer, etc (again) - pass the entrance exam for national university (my choice) - better in managing my money - Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Yunho, Changmin back together again as five and watch their concert live (always and forever) - not a moody person anymore - all the best for me and my family Happy early New Year 2012 to everybody and welcoming the better year for us. Cheers!

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello readers! Today is Christmas day and I spend it with my girls @chrstineee, @julquerade, @vynlia, @sheellylim, @_avelineleo. We had our breakfast at babura dimsum but pinle didn't join us at that time. Then we went to Sun Plaza to watch Sherlock Holmes at 12.45pm which just premiered yesterday and pinle came to join us. We also went to photobooth but the photobooth room was too small for us that some of our photos were ajsdjfdkjsads. We had our late lunch at Sushitei but asoi and makjul didn't join us because makjul had to go home. Although we took few photos, this is the first Christmas I spent with my besties. Besides it's just 5 days to our H.O.T holiday to Brastagi. Im really excited as this will be my second trip with my classmates. Merry Christmas!:D

December 24, 2011

Drama review: Autumn's Concerto

I've just finished watching this drama an hour ago and my opinion: great. This is kinda melodrama, but not that ordinary taiwanese drama. It talks about their love story, their separation, and how they regain their love. The story begins withe Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An) as a bento seller in Sheng De University where Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) is the principal's son. After several conflicts they fall in love, but then Guang Xi find out that he has a brain cancer. His mom let Mu Cheng accompany him doing the medical treatments with the condition she should leave him after he enters the surgery room. Something happens and after the surgery, Guang Xi lost all his memory and forgets Mu Cheng. 6 years later, they meet again in Hua Tian Village where Mu Cheng live with her child, Liang/Ren Xiao Le who is also Guang Xi's son. When Guang Xi is almost married with his current girlfriend, he remember everything but he misunderstand Mu Cheng. I'm not gonna spoil the ending, because this drama is very recommended. The story involves not only the lead actor and actress, but also Guang Xi's parents dark story and Tuo Ye (Mu Cheng's bestfriend) one-sided love to Mu Cheng. Sometimes there are several funny scenes, but most of them are sad one. Autumn's Concerto has broken records with its high ratings by scoring 8.23 as its peak point for episode 18, which aired January 31, 2010. Autumn's Concerto has broken the records of The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog to become the second highest rating Taiwanese idol drama, the highest rating being held by Fated To Love You. I recommend you to watch this drama. In my opinion, this is far way better than Fated To Love You.

December 03, 2011

Wasting time.

Hello readers! Do you think I have been really active in blogging lately? Im bored yet I love the time i waste for nothing despite having course from noon till night. The weather is windy while im typing and it feels good. Yunho and Changmin is in Singapore now for the fan party and im totally regret why i didnt buy the ticket last time. If i bought it then i would meet them tomorrow. Im just afraid that what happened to JYJ concert will happen again. That's why whenever artists say they want to hold concert in anywhere close to Indonesia i always think "Will they cancel their concert later on?". Like what happened to CN Blue's BLUE STORM in Indonesia concert, it's even worse than JYJ's. I hope this wont happen in the future.

Im bored at the moment. 

December 01, 2011

A little thing.

Hello readers! Today is the first day of december. I hope many good things will happen and all plans go well too. Everything for our brastagi has been settled, and this is maybe the last vacation we will have together except if we have a goodbye vacation later on. We will spend the last day of 2011 together and make memories as the last year of high school students. Based on this, 2012 will come soon which means i have new targets for next year. As im going to enter university next year, i hope i can get into my favorite university but with my scores now, im quite pessimistic. I want to enter one of the university in Jakarta because Jakarta is a metropolitan and capital city in Indonesia and it has become my dream for years that i want to move from medan. But considering the risk i must take if i move to Jakarta make me confuse and think twice. Which university should I enter?