November 30, 2011

HOT 66th Teachers' Day.

hello readers! Today is the last day of november which means i will face exams in approximately two weeks. Many things happened this year and without us realising it or not the end of the year is coming really soon and tadaaaaa it's 2012 already! Like what i said before, this 25 november will be my very last teacher's day because we are going to graduate next year. We tried to make it to be as memorable as possible and we did it although some things unexpected happened. Actually i have tons of photos to be uploaded, but yeah blame my lame connection so i decided to upload only some of it. And our plan for brastagi trip goes well till now. We have got villa and bus and im ready for brastagi trip season 2! :D

November 24, 2011

Before the BIG teachers' day.

Hello readers! It's been a long time i didnt take care of my blog and left it for more than a month. Tomorrow will be my very last Teacher's Day celebration as im going to be graduated next year. Thinking about this actually makes me sad, because im gonna separate with all my friends who have been very nice to me for the past years? I will miss all my high school moment! Too many to be told and I will keep everything as my secret. Fyi, we are doing some surprises for tomorrow and im gonna upload the pictures :D