July 17, 2011

happy sweet 17th dearest @julquerade

today is makjul's sweet 17th. we planned to go to her house to make a surprise this morning and we did it! At first we were afraid that we couldn't make it that early (imagine we woke up at 6 and arrived at her house at 7). This was the first time in my life I ever woke up this early just to make a surprise birthday party and Im gona remember it all the time :D I, ceha, asoi, pinle, erni, and avel agreed to go to her house around 7 and when we entered her house, makjul actually hasnt waken up yet. we went to her room, want to surprise her. unfortunately she slept in her mom's room so her grandma went there and told her that we came. we thought this gonna be failed because she has known, but in fact she was indeed so happy!

once again happy birthday to my dearest makjul, hope all the best for you and may all your dreams come true : future fashion designer. Cheers!

outside makjul's home

make a wish

her sleepy face looool

makjul and her mom

all of us

and special photo below

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