May 24, 2011

last day in XI-IA-03

yesterday was our last day in XI-IA-03. we took a lot of class photos, as some of our classmates will continue to study abroad. we've been classmates for a year and we didnt realise it till yesterday. next year we'll face all university things and time flies really fast. this class is different from my X-03, but i love both. i met a lot of new friends both in X-03 and XI-IA-03. too bad we dont take photos with our form teacher, because she didnt have class on monday and she has something to do at the moment. i hope next year we'll still in the same class, and we'll have to take more pictures. photos express everything, dont you agree? :D

2 science 3 <3

ceha, me, kekel, stevent, asoi

me and vivian.
im gonna miss her so much T_______T

devani, lia, SA, jeanne

RK and vivian awwwww

jeje, shenni, me, ceha, silvianna, and shierly

(not related photo but consider it as bonus)

boys in front of our school logo (?)
2science 3 rockssssss!

ACGJSV (minus avel) *sob*

makjul, pinle, me, lia, eni, ceha

2 science 03 with mr. manaek.
he allowed us to take photo with him! (he's really kind)

thanks to my besties @aveline940321 for taking our class photo <3

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