May 09, 2011

ipod, luckily you're back

one of my daymare just happened. my ipod was missing. i remembered last time i took it was on friday after finished tuition. i got home and put it on my desk but when i searched for it yesterday it's missing. i was absolutely sure that i put it on my desk but i even couldnt find it in my bedroom (i easily forget about something). i phoned my mom asking if she saw it or maybe she kept it because usually when i or my brother put something up to us, my parents will take it secretly and wont tell us till i and my brother searched for it. i thought this time my mom took it too but it's not. i wa totally frightened because if it's really missing that meant i have to wait for months or maybe years to buy a new one. i was going upstairs and downstairs searching for it and even my brother, sister, and maid searched for it too. but we couldnt find it. and when i was almost gave up searching, my mom phoned and told me it was in my dad's car. im so sure that i didnt put it there or maybe i left it there. i was so relieved it's found in my dad's car.

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