May 10, 2011

drama of the month

tonight im gonna share about my drama of the month and it's gonna be :
yes this is a taiwanese drama aired in 2005 starring mingdao and qiao en. i rarely watch taiwan drama and if i watch it, it must have an interesting story line so that i get attracted. i always watch korean drama.and im too late to realise this drama is absolutely great. it was the most highly rated taiwanese drama before it was defeated by fated to love you (FTLY). i've watched FTLY in the past, and i dont think it was as nince as frog prince. mingdao and qiao en's chemistry is really great. you can feel it while watching this drama. i thought they were the best taiwan onscreen couple! i hope they'll collaborate again next time. and before i watched this frog prince, i also watched my lucky star starring jimmy lin and yoo hana. it has a good storyline too but still i prefer this frog prince. they worthed to be the most highly rated taiwanese drama because i thought FTLY storyline is just soso.

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