May 30, 2011

denim is never outdated.

last two weeks i ordered my second pair of UP shoes. they launched nina denim the night before, and i directly ordered it!! they have hinted that they'll release a denim wedges and i've been waiting for so long and tadaaaaaa last saturday they've arrived. I wore it directly that night to a family gathering.

visit their website :

May 24, 2011

last day in XI-IA-03

yesterday was our last day in XI-IA-03. we took a lot of class photos, as some of our classmates will continue to study abroad. we've been classmates for a year and we didnt realise it till yesterday. next year we'll face all university things and time flies really fast. this class is different from my X-03, but i love both. i met a lot of new friends both in X-03 and XI-IA-03. too bad we dont take photos with our form teacher, because she didnt have class on monday and she has something to do at the moment. i hope next year we'll still in the same class, and we'll have to take more pictures. photos express everything, dont you agree? :D

2 science 3 <3

ceha, me, kekel, stevent, asoi

me and vivian.
im gonna miss her so much T_______T

devani, lia, SA, jeanne

RK and vivian awwwww

jeje, shenni, me, ceha, silvianna, and shierly

(not related photo but consider it as bonus)

boys in front of our school logo (?)
2science 3 rockssssss!

ACGJSV (minus avel) *sob*

makjul, pinle, me, lia, eni, ceha

2 science 03 with mr. manaek.
he allowed us to take photo with him! (he's really kind)

thanks to my besties @aveline940321 for taking our class photo <3

May 14, 2011

cooking seems nice, and i want to be a chef (dream?)

i was about to make a post yesterday, but seemed something happened with blogger. my friends also said so and we didnt know what happened actually. okay i want to write about something. recently i watch masterchef indonesia. this is a reality show about cooking and the judges are professional chefs. first i didnt watch the show but last week i saw it and it's really interesting. they'll give you a challange that you must finish on the spot (in the masterchef kitchen) and they must be creative. i thought you should watch this show and i wasnt promoting at all but i just share my own opinion in it. the judges themselves are : chef master vindex tengker, chef master marinka, and chef master juna. for more details about them, google it.

May 10, 2011

drama of the month

tonight im gonna share about my drama of the month and it's gonna be :
yes this is a taiwanese drama aired in 2005 starring mingdao and qiao en. i rarely watch taiwan drama and if i watch it, it must have an interesting story line so that i get attracted. i always watch korean drama.and im too late to realise this drama is absolutely great. it was the most highly rated taiwanese drama before it was defeated by fated to love you (FTLY). i've watched FTLY in the past, and i dont think it was as nince as frog prince. mingdao and qiao en's chemistry is really great. you can feel it while watching this drama. i thought they were the best taiwan onscreen couple! i hope they'll collaborate again next time. and before i watched this frog prince, i also watched my lucky star starring jimmy lin and yoo hana. it has a good storyline too but still i prefer this frog prince. they worthed to be the most highly rated taiwanese drama because i thought FTLY storyline is just soso.

May 09, 2011

ipod, luckily you're back

one of my daymare just happened. my ipod was missing. i remembered last time i took it was on friday after finished tuition. i got home and put it on my desk but when i searched for it yesterday it's missing. i was absolutely sure that i put it on my desk but i even couldnt find it in my bedroom (i easily forget about something). i phoned my mom asking if she saw it or maybe she kept it because usually when i or my brother put something up to us, my parents will take it secretly and wont tell us till i and my brother searched for it. i thought this time my mom took it too but it's not. i wa totally frightened because if it's really missing that meant i have to wait for months or maybe years to buy a new one. i was going upstairs and downstairs searching for it and even my brother, sister, and maid searched for it too. but we couldnt find it. and when i was almost gave up searching, my mom phoned and told me it was in my dad's car. im so sure that i didnt put it there or maybe i left it there. i was so relieved it's found in my dad's car.

May 06, 2011

out of water supply, who to blame?

yes. my house has been out of water supply for a few days and today is the third day. my dad said they were cleaning the pipe and maybe on 6th may our house will be supplied again. but what to do, today is 6th may and my house is still out of water. it's not just my house who's having this problem, some of my friends do too. i still can tolerate if it's only one day, but this.. 3 days?! can you imagine living without water for 3 days? that's what happened with me. and i hope tomorrow my house will be supplied with water or else...