April 19, 2011


i've just come back from my 3D2N trip to brastagi with my classmates. and there's something i really want to say. thankyou for all birthday greetings via twitter, messages, and bbm. special thanks to 2ipa3 for the surprise birthday party. im really really happy yesterday night when you all greeted me, put all the balloons in the villa, and gave me all keroppi things. that was a simple birthday party but im really touched. this was my first time celebrating birthday party with friends and it's memorable. and to my dear verin, thanks for all.

as for now, my birthday wish are:
- collect shoes as many as i can
- black or green platform shoes
- getting slimmer, taller, smarter, kinder, blablabla (all good things)
- get into UI's medicine faculty next year

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