April 12, 2011

4 days trip

hello! i've just gone back from jakarta. actually i went there to watch JYJ concert but because the concert was suddenly cancelled, we just went there for vacation. i was truly disappointed with the cancellation and when it's 9 april and i passed sentul international convention centre which was supposed to be the concert venue, i was really really disappointed. it wasn't i cant accept the truth that they werent coming to jakarta, but because i WAS too excited for their concert and suddenly the promotor cancelled it. it was like you were brought up high to the sky and being thrown to the deepest place.

okay back.
i went there on 8-11 april. the second day we went to safari which i first thought gonna be boring but i was totally wrong! it was really nice that i kept taking photos. i watch all the shows except dolphins because i've watch it many times. the shows were awesome that i and my family were amazed by their action. there's a show that really amazed me called globe of the death. at first i didnt want to watch it because it's already too late and i was really tired but my father kept persuading me, saying that we wouldnt go to safari next time and at last i wanted to watch. this has nothing to do with animals because the show was about 5 bikes inside the globe riding motorcycles in many formations. you gonna say WOW while watching this, because it was really dangerous but interesting. it looked like if they were just late for a second, everything will be over. i found this the most exciting one instead of all shows. i think you must visit there if you went to bogor.

the bikers ( actually there are 5 bikers)

she's sooooooo cute, doesnt she?

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