April 30, 2011

William-Kate, you've find your soulmate.

yeah yesterday was prince william and kate middleton wedding. everybody tweeted about it and even william & kate became trending topic. at first i wasnt that interested because i thought it'd be bored. but i was totally wrong. i was working yesterday when i opened and tv and saw live news reporting the wedding preparation from london. UK citizens were great. they really excited about their king-wanna-be wedding. i started to get interested with it when i saw prince william inside the car going to westminster abbey. and after married, prince william and princess kate will becaome Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

he kissed the bride twice. YES! TWICE because the citizens requested them too.

April 29, 2011

and i love it

it's been my second day-work. i still feel like i really work in the office! at first i was really nervous that i didnt know what to do and what to type. but later i tried to calm down and i was afraid that i made mistakes or they didnt like me. luckily they all were welcoming me so much!

okay i'll give you a hint. i am hired to be part time admin in one of TVXQ fan account in twitter and i was extremely happy. i never thought that i'll be chosen because many people were applying too. since i've been chosen now, i'll do my best to make all of them satisfied with my work. and thanks a lot to my head admin, admin S. she's been helping me a lot ♥

April 25, 2011

being chosen and im so happy!

i've got good news. yeay i applied for being part time admin in a twitter acc and being chosen! i was soooooooo happy! i've been dreaming for getting this kind of job since last month and finally i got it! actually i also applied for another acc, but there's no certainty so i applied for another one. we wouldnt be paid or whatever but this kind of thing is not important for me.as long as im happy and i love my new job as a part time admin, i dont mind. and although my knowledge about this is still a little, i'll do my best. pray for me to become a fulltime admin someday okay? 화이팅!

April 19, 2011


i've just come back from my 3D2N trip to brastagi with my classmates. and there's something i really want to say. thankyou for all birthday greetings via twitter, messages, and bbm. special thanks to 2ipa3 for the surprise birthday party. im really really happy yesterday night when you all greeted me, put all the balloons in the villa, and gave me all keroppi things. that was a simple birthday party but im really touched. this was my first time celebrating birthday party with friends and it's memorable. and to my dear verin, thanks for all.

as for now, my birthday wish are:
- collect shoes as many as i can
- black or green platform shoes
- getting slimmer, taller, smarter, kinder, blablabla (all good things)
- get into UI's medicine faculty next year

April 12, 2011

4 days trip

hello! i've just gone back from jakarta. actually i went there to watch JYJ concert but because the concert was suddenly cancelled, we just went there for vacation. i was truly disappointed with the cancellation and when it's 9 april and i passed sentul international convention centre which was supposed to be the concert venue, i was really really disappointed. it wasn't i cant accept the truth that they werent coming to jakarta, but because i WAS too excited for their concert and suddenly the promotor cancelled it. it was like you were brought up high to the sky and being thrown to the deepest place.

okay back.
i went there on 8-11 april. the second day we went to safari which i first thought gonna be boring but i was totally wrong! it was really nice that i kept taking photos. i watch all the shows except dolphins because i've watch it many times. the shows were awesome that i and my family were amazed by their action. there's a show that really amazed me called globe of the death. at first i didnt want to watch it because it's already too late and i was really tired but my father kept persuading me, saying that we wouldnt go to safari next time and at last i wanted to watch. this has nothing to do with animals because the show was about 5 bikes inside the globe riding motorcycles in many formations. you gonna say WOW while watching this, because it was really dangerous but interesting. it looked like if they were just late for a second, everything will be over. i found this the most exciting one instead of all shows. i think you must visit there if you went to bogor.

the bikers ( actually there are 5 bikers)

she's sooooooo cute, doesnt she?

April 07, 2011

briptu norman dancing to india song?

yesterday i was watching tv news when suddelny they reported about a police who liked to sing and entertain his friends in the police office. he lipsynced an indian song and unexpectedly i have searched that song for years and didnt even know the title! according to me, this song is really attractive as i am a bollywood-movie-lover. this video has been really popular recently and i think you should watch it.

April 04, 2011

happy sweet 17th dear verin!

yesterday was verin's bday and indeed a great day! she was one of my bestfriends. i've known her since jhs 1 but we got really close since jhs 3. i shared a lot of stories with her and so does she and eldora was a friend of mine. three of us joined the same class in corpus before and because eldora was going to have her university entrance test soon, we afraid she's gonna be busy. so verin decided three of us should meet and having fun!


April 01, 2011


hello again. this is the last mission we'll do. i got this message from cassie's group in fb and i'll post it here. please read the rules carefully.


Sorry for making you wait for so long. We make a new mission while waiting for the previous mission’s result and more convincing the promoter and C-JeS. Please read carefully:

JYJ World Tour Concert-Indonesia Reconsideration

1. You must fill the name and email address
2. You have to fill the email address with your real email address (email address will not be shared to anyone)
3. You must not fill more than once. This is to show the actual number of JYJ’s fans
4. Focus on JYJ! (You are not allowed to offend sensitive issues such as DBSK, shipper, etc)
5. Messages are written in English, Korean, or Japanese. (Ask for JYJ Concert in Indonesia)

Petition Link: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dHdzXzIwd1A4R1hLVURlVjFPUUgtR2c6MQ#gid=0

Petitions will be COUNTED until Saturday, 2 April 2011 21:00 local time (23.00 KST)

By: CassIndo Family, Chunnieland dan JYJForIndo
Translated By: TVFXQsoul


please help us again!! spread this info and let all indo cassie sign this petition!! your help really means a lot to us. no matter what the result is, i am really thankful to you all who's been helping me since the first time. thanks a lot!