March 30, 2011

thankyou message and bonus

first, i want to say thank you to all my friends who's been helping me these day especially in this JYJ's #FromIndonesiaWithTears project either posting on facebook/twitter or spreading it to others. it really means a lot to me (although it sounds exaggerating).
thanks a lot :)

besides i was really happy today because jaejoong (@mjjeje) changed his twitter bio into "JYJ from 東方神起". as a cassie who always keep the faith, i was extremely happy.

credit : twitter

[PROJECT] please help Cassiopeia Indo (emergency)

to all people reading my blog, i hope you want to help us, cassiopeia.
we're doing a project to make JYJ come to indonesia. this is our only chance to show them that we really want JYJ to come to indonesia. and for the complete information, you can read this.


We, Cassiopeia Indonesia, JYJforIndo, and Chunnieland have tried to contact C-Jes regarding the consideration for a second chance to become one of the country that JYJ visit during their World Tour Concert by giving other promoter for them.

Today few admins from Cassiopeia Indonesia hold a meeting with the promoter then admins called C-Jes and the result is C-Jes willing to give Indonesia 2nd chance but Indonesian Cassies must show their hope and seriousness to make this concert be come true. We all admins try to prove it through C-Jes’s Twitter and Facebook PLEASE READ THE RULES FOR COMMENTS & TWEET CAREFULY:

Location: twitter @C_jes
And JYJ world tour on FB

1.Hash tag #FROMINDONESIAWITHTEARS [on twitter] and #from Indonesia with tears [on facebook]
2.One person allowed to post or tweet JUST ONCE! NO SPAMING!
3.Your tweet or post contain wishes for JYJ to hold concert in Indonesia, please use English, Korea, or Japanese language.
4.NO BASHING! NO TVXQ! You’re not allow to make a post or tweet which contain TVXQ, shipper, etc. We want to respect them as JYJ now.

We need 6000 tweets/comments, starts: 29/03/2011 22.00 WIB until 30/03/2011 We must do this a.s.a.p. or another country will get this chance.

C-JeS and JYJ not give any official statements yet about this 2nd chance for Cassies in Indonesia. Lets hold hands together and try the hardest to bring JYJ to Indonesia. Let's HOPE TO THE END!!

Warm regards
All admins from:
Cassiopeia Indonesia, JYJforIndo & Chunnieland


please help our people! we need to do this asap!!
your help really mean a lot to us thankyou :)

March 20, 2011

happy sweet 17th gracia ganda!

yesterday night was gracia's sweet 17th birthday party. it was indeed a really great party. thanks a lot to gracia for inviting me and wish all you dreams come true dear. :D



Gracia's : Pretty In Pink

the hot couple (love by nixon) LOL

happy birthday gracia ganda!
stay gorgeous and glamorous!

March 11, 2011

motivation with mr. James Gwee

this afternoon, we, 2nd shs, got a motivation from james gwee. our school invited him to give us motivation. 10+ of my classmates were joining this motivation, while some were having test at methodist 2 expo today. his motivation was nice and not boring, err yeah it's quite boring in the end because i felt like wanna go home. but overall it's nice compared to our last time motivation. we ever had a motivation class during our 1st shs and i thought that one was boring. at the end, we even took pictures with him and he also pointed our class special number 3 (look at his hand) ! lucky for us :D

March 07, 2011

u-kiss in brastagi part 2 (photos)

all of these were the photos i took during concert. sorry for the poor quality.

March 06, 2011

u-kiss in brastagi part 1

i've just come back from brastagi. yesterday i went there in order to watch ukiss showcase in mikie holiday. we went there at 11.30pm after i finished my tuition. my friend has told me that there was a long traffic between medan-brastagi and i thought i was just a usual traffic jam. but when i was at padang bulan, the traffic was so long and it hasnt until the halfway to brastagi. when we were just one third of the way to brastagi it has been 1pm! can you imagine? it meant i need 6 hours to arrive in brastagi and that was 5pm! the showcase starts at 5pm man!! so does it mean i dont need to watch the concert? i was very afraid at that time because the traffice was so long and our car just moved a little. stevanie also bbm-ed me asking where i was and she has the same situation with me! her father were pessimist that we could arrive on time, and so do my father. but luckily after we passed sembahe which was causing traffic, all of the way there's no traffic. we arrived in brastagi at 4pm and we went to eat as soon as possible. finished eating we directly went to mikie as it was almost 5pm.

in next post i'll post some of the photos i took during the concert.

March 02, 2011

happy sweet 17th lady lili!

today was asoi sweet 17th birthday. we bought her a big teddy bear and she really loved it. she keep hugging it all the time. we also made a surprise birthday party for her and at the end we put the cake's cream into her face and eww she's really oily. we also insisted her to take photos with stevent as many as we can. and i have 3 photos of them today! later after playing around, we went to mbox to karaoke. this was my first time going to karaoke as my parents wouldnt allow me (because of karaoke's negative view). we sang along and took some photos.


asoi, stevent, and the teddy :*

what happened with the teddy?!

birthday cake was given by stevent so sweeeeeeeeeett

asoi's cemong face

first birthday cake was given to stevent wow!

and i have two scandalous pictures for today (just for fun)