February 14, 2011

happy v-day, jomblo elit!


this morning i received so many chocolates. i want to thank everybody for the chocolates. they were indeed very delicious! i felt so full because of the chocolates :D
in this v0day, i, asoi, and makjul talked about jomblo ngenes and jomblo elite.
jomblo ngenes = someone's single because no one chased after her
jomblo elite = someone's single because she hasnt found the right guy yet
i laughed because of these definitions by asoi and makjul. we sang many songs today, celebrating v-day, and laughed all the time. and i promised myself i will make chocolates next year since it will be our last year of shs. too bad.

all of these chocolates were mad by makjul WOW

makjul's chocolate special for me :D

and a green one! i love green!!

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