February 26, 2011

happy sweet 17th lady pinpin!

tonight was really a great night. vynlia (pinle) was having her sweet 17th bday party with us. me, ceha, asoi, makjul, erni, ave, devani, gracia, fefe(nixon's gf), rk, larry, awi, andrean, freddy, KW, cheli, amo, stevent, and nixon. she invited us at grand duck king cambridge and finished eating, we headed to moviegoers and watch haunting in connecticut. it was indeed a super scary horror movie, as i, ave, and fefe kept closing our eyes. pinle and ceha, who usually watch all types of movie, said that this movie was really scary.i kept looking on my phone or talking to both ave and fefe. we didnt take many photos today because my camera was almost out of battery and something happened with pinle's camera. but today was really a memorable night.


devani and the birthday girl :D

makjul, me, ave, ceha

erni, gracia, fefe

all of us

special girls edition

note :
congrats for my class 3rd silver! claristy and asoi you guys rockkkkkkk !!
and for tomorrow quick-witted, recycle, and mading, get the gold for our class yeah!!

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