February 20, 2011

2 silvers till now


im gonna update about this year's p2s1. lack of preparation is the most suitable word for this event. im not saying our osis arent hardworking, but so many things has happened since the first day of p2s1. im not gonna list it, as i dont know the details. i just hope they can increase their professionalism and try their best in this event. they have chosen their path to be members of our school organisation (OSIS) and indeed it is their responsibility to have maintained and managed these kind of things. i see people keep critizing their work on twitter and facebook. i wont be in anyone's side, but just see the positive part. they critized you to make your work better. last year osis was great. no cancelling schedule (as i know) and i thought their judgement was fair and far better from this year. i hope in the upcoming event, osis work will be better. i also appreciate all your hardwork that has been done till now. :D

by the way, our classes have gotten 2 silvers till now! putera in reading poem competition and claristy, stevent, and pramono in english debate competition. congrats for you guys! although we lose in other competition, but let's get the best for this event. i myself gonna work hard with makjul, asoi, pinle, devani, and ceha to serve our best in mading as we go to final and ceha, pinle, devani, shenni, and fivi gonna make it in recycle competition. and we also still have stevent, pramono, and kendrick in quick-witted competition. get the gold!

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